Africa should continue to say 'no' to GMOs


If all these big words are just so much euphemism for bringing GMOs into Africa then God help us!

Concealing Genocide archives is a ploy by France to feign innocence


Of course there is nothing secret at all about France’s active role in abetting the genocidaires before, during and since the cataclysmic attempt to completely wipe Rwanda’s Tutsi off the...

Genocide: Nothing can save France from the shame and guilt

What France did is not a secret and therefore whether they keep the archives or not, the truth about their role in the Genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda will remain....

AU reform plan will unlock Africa’s immense potential


When the President Paul Kagame-led team – one seeking to restructure and streamline the operations of our African Union-suggests a measly trade goods tax on imports, an incandescent American-led camp...

You can’t ban taxi-motos without alternatives

There is always a mistake of start thinking of “phasing out” or banning something without or before coming up with any alternative plan.

Why France will never declassify documents related to '94 Genocide


After all, France being exposed for its direct role would jeopardise western nations’ integrity and put to shame their centuries long claim to moral superiority and self-proclaimed birthright to world...

Extend more support to TVET graduates

I know that most Rwandans look down on TVET courses in preference to the conventional type of education. That is why we are saddled with so many unemployable young men...

Banks can do more for the financially excluded


Editor, RE: “Bank of Kigali in new drive to deepen financial inclusion” (The New Times, September 19).

Corporal punishment has no place in Rwanda

Editor, RE:“Motivation: Is the carrot enough to stimulate performance?” (The New Times, September 20).

The information age has killed ‘knowledge monopoly’

Editor, RE: “Will the West ever allow Africa to create her own pictures?” (The New Times, September 20).

Here’s how we can phase out taxi-motos


Editor, RE: “We can plan for our cities without scary words like ‘ban’” (The New Times, September 18). I suggest the following:

Kigali City needs to strictly enforce construction rules


I made one observation: the iron bars used were razor thin and I wondered why the authorities waited for too long to demolish it, or even how nobody noticed anything...

UR should have consulted stakeholders on reforms

If there is one cultural norm Rwanda has been putting in so much effort to institutionalise in the RPF era, it is dialogue and democratic consultations.

Gacaca archives will serve the next generations


Digitalisation of Gacaca documents is crucial in fighting against denial and trivialisation of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

Scrutinise car ownership transfers

There must be some weaknesses in Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA).

EAC should not compromise on plastic bag ban

I am as against plastic bags as anyone, and would certainly hope every country in the East African Community would do the right thing and ban this highly polluting stuff...

Kenya should maintain cap on loan interest rates

Kenya’s banks have been accustomed to abnormal profits for a very long time.

UR restructuring should be conducted carefully


The decision-makers of this institution have no clue what they are really doing. They are so detached from the reality of Rwanda, they even think it’s normal to charge a...

Kenya should maintain cap on loan interest rates

Kenya’s banks have been accustomed to abnormal profits for a very long time.

Slum upgrading is the best approach


I fully support development projects and everyone should support them as rightly put by Seth. However, my opinion is that we need to rethink slum approach in Kigali.

Comply with the policy on wetlands

This week, the Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA), in partnership with the Local Government ministry, started closing down all facilities and other unlawful activities in wetlands in Kigali – a...

We should support Kigali’s ambitious housing projects


Editor, RE: “Urgent solutions needed for former slum dwellers” (The New Times, September 13). A tenant can always find another house to rent. For me, I do not see any...

Football clubs must prioritise the health of their players

Editor, RE: “Rayon coach, stars mourn Mutuyimana” (The New Times, September 13). Condolences to the family of Mutuyimana. However, his passing leaves a lot of questions to be answered by...

Explore further on potential of fishing industry

Editor, RE: “Unlocking the potential in fishing industry” (The New Times, September 13). Very insightful. Just running some quick numbers, it appears that fish imports in Rwanda amount to at...