Need for more innovation in our construction sector


This is a good reminder that there are indeed several justifications of one’s decision as to where to establish a dwelling. And that each factor in this decision making process...

Tighten crackdown on narcotics merchants

This is unbelievable; 680 kilograms of cannabis? This is too much!

African migrants are following their resources plundered by the West


As for the long term, the solution can only come from dealing with the root causes that lead to so many of our youth feeling so hopeless that they are...

Culture should not be an impediment to progressive laws

It is problematic when one uses culture as an argument for legal matters. Cultures are not like Ten Commandments cast in stone by the Almighty Himself.

Housing in Kigali: Why we need to be innovative


Editor, RE: “Housing in Kigali; what determines where we stay” (The New Times, November 21).

‘Rwanda’s open border policy is such a blessing for tourism’

Editor, RE: “Rwanda’s open border policy is such a blessing for tourism” (The New Times, November 19).

‘Groom your child for life after school’

Editor, RE: “Groom your child for life after school” (The New Times, November 15).

What is happening in Zimbabwe is not a coup


Editor, RE: “Unconstitutional change of government is unacceptable” (The New Times, November 20). I do agree with Fred Nkusi that “unconstitutional change of power is unacceptable”. This is however valid...

Use right terminologies when describing persons with disabilities

Editor, RE: “The rights of handicapped people” (The New Times, November 15).

Here is how the ECD policy can be effectively implemented


The latest early childhood development (ECD) policy is dated 2016 and is now under the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion – a welcome move – from the overwhelmed Ministry...

Why KVCS should waive some penalties

This is all and good but let KVCS also explain the fines they charge customers for non-payment. A good number of non-payment cases is due to the unavailability of their...

Why Rwandans need to start taking mental illness seriously


The points raised in the article are valid and well appreciated. However, there is a missing and important aspect. This is the importance of medical treatment. Depression is a medical...

Is marriage losing its meaning?

In agreement with the motion. The writing is on the wall, dowry in Rwanda has lost its customary meaning. Sadly, the whole marriage system is bound to fail.

Political will key to tackling Africa's ills

The fact that Africa has the essential means, in both material resources and intellectual competencies, to run our own affairs effectively and deal with any related issues has never been...

Harmonise standards enforcement to avoid duplication of roles

Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are the backbone of Africa’s economy and the Made in Rwanda initiative is a good move to boost our MSMEs. So far the national...

Africa's problem has always been self-doubt

The fact that Africa has the essential means, in both material resources and intellectual competencies, to run our own affairs effectively and deal with any related issues has never been...

Tapping into indigenous resources for cancer cure needs systemic approach

I definitely agree with the writer on the need to tap into indigenous resources and training local indigenous healers and health professionals.

Entrepreneurship: are we giving due attention to product quality?


Our Government has done a lot in promoting and encouraging entrepreneurship. And it seems there is genuine goodwill to continue doing so.

Need to explore alternatives to pesticides

There is simply one thing known as push-pull technology that is way more beneficial than using pesticide. This is intercropping maize with desmodium and surrounding the maize field with napier...

Pan-African court has gone off track

When the law allows itself to be used as a tool of the lawless, it relinquishes its legitimacy and majesty; it ceases to be the law.

MPs should discuss Penal Code from a progressive viewpoint


Cohabitation is when two consenting unmarried or divorced adults of opposite sex decide to live together without being legally or religiously married. This should not be confused with adultery, which...

Doing Business: Proposed reforms a welcome move

These are by far the most comprehensive business reforms to be undertaken by the government. I co-own a small factory – which employs 104 people daily – that is operating...

Media should embrace digital technologies

Attempts to return the technological genie back into its bottle will clearly be as successful as King Canute standing by the shores and ordering the tide not to dare to...

To Rwandan media: Undermine impact of digital technologies at your own peril

The local media community is playing a very dangerous game, and has been doing so for quite some time.