The Muse Report shows us why France promotes revisionism


Editor, RE: “New report links France to Genocide in Rwanda” (The New Times, December 13).

Africans hold the key to continent’s bright future

Editor, RE: “Africa’s problems are self-inflicted” (The New Times, December 11).

Corruption cuts across the board

Editor, RE: “Bribery on the decrease – report” (The New Times, December 13).

Develop stronger cyber security measures


Editor, RE: “Rwanda to go cashless by 2024: Are you on board?” (The New Times, December 5).

Size doesn’t matter

Editor, RE: “Laugh at Rwanda’s size; joke’s on you” (The New Times, December 11).

Genocide: Nations should stop reneging on their commitments


Countries should respect their international obligation on genocide. The 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (also known as the Genocide Convention) defines genocide as...

Rwanda positioning self more effectively for a better future

In the end, the measure of a nation-state is less about size and more about the quality of its cohesion; and how much history, traditions, customs and beliefs are widely...

Africa's problems are self-inflicted


We are weak and everybody’s perpetual patsy because we are disorganised, and we shall continue in that role until we understand, in the savage jungle that is the world, being...

The defamation law should not shield public figures

I would agree with Songa that defamation laws should first and foremost protect private individuals rather than those in public positions who must accept that greater scrutiny, even that which...

Groom your child for life after school

Your article portrays a true picture of the education systems in most African countries – teaching academics only and ignoring everything else that will prepare students to become whole rounded...

Penal Code: What’s the best punishment for defamation?


Defamation is not innocent and unwitting use of false information to damage someone’s reputation. It is the use of information the defamer knows to be false with the express malicious...

Cryptocurrency is the next big thing

Bitcoin is here to stay and it will become the dominant currency for the poor. It’s very true that the financial monsters are all scared to lose out. The volatility...

Cryptocurrencies will never take over from central banks


Mwene Kalinda, the point you make is good for thought, however, I don’t agree to a degree-this is why.

Solutions to African problems are within

Unfortunately the author completely ignores the fact that centuries-old trauma inflicted upon our people and lands by Europe can’t just be wiped off by a mere opening of European doors...

Green growth: It's not business as usual


With green growth and climate resilience strategy, human capital development cannot be business as usual.

Comprehensive review needed for country's football

Do we really need to continue pouring our meager, hard-earned monies in this sport as it is now configured and (for lack of an appropriate word) led? Or should we...

Inside the new dystopian world of global finance


The Big Currency Collapse is coming; it is not a question of whether it will, but of WHEN. Because there is no alternative currency among the major ones to flee...

President Kagame is inspiring a new generation of storytellers

Inspired by President Paul Kagame, Rwandans are writing “great books” in all these areas.

Privatisation can work for Africa

Such a strategy proved successful in various privatisation deals I worked on in Ghana, where we were advisers on several privatisations that maintained Ghanaian ownership, and more importantly, changed the...

Criminalising adultery is a waste of time and resources


It is also important to recall the statement by the UN Working Group on discrimination against women in law and practice (see UN OHCHR, October 18, 2012) which expressed deep...

We need a rethink on our traditional institutions

I tend to agree with Mr. Nkusi that in Rwanda, "the traditional marriage concept is a cheaper option". I agree with him, but not on his premise: He talks about...

MPs should scrutinise bill on immovable property carefully


Second, why should a commercial property, which is generating income from the property, pay 50 per cent less that of an individual?

Prioritise entrepreneurial skills

TVET schools are to equip people with technical skills. But being honest with ourselves, do we really need just technical skills? I think not. We may need technical skills, but...

Let-s do more to promote Made-in-Rwanda agenda


Parallel to encouraging consumption, I think and here re-state my proposal that, more urgently, our Government should encourage a more systematic conception of Made-in-Rwanda products.