It’s a waste of time to ask France to acknowledge its role in Genocide


Editor, RE: “France should face the truth and stop mudslinging” (The New Times, October 13). Where the Genocide against the Tutsi is concerned, France cannot afford to face the truth...

Should adultery remain a criminal offence? 

Editor, RE: “Conduct public consultations on proposed amendment to penal code” (The New Times, October 12). The Government is doing well to protect Rwanda’s smallest unit of the state, which...

HRW’s latest scandal in Rwanda is only a reminder of its true mission


Could people please stop referring to 'Human Rights' (mirthless laughter) Watch as a 'rights group'? There are nothing of the sort, but rather what retired US diplomat Richard Johnson referred...

Families should take a firm stand against sexual violence

I appreciate Rwanda National Police's efforts in educating citizenry to report about such inhuman acts.

The Perraudins of this world are still lurking in the dark


That was and still is our number one mistake: embracing Catholicism knowing what an evil institution it has always been.

Rwanda-SA ties: Kigali has the duty to promote its own interests

I’m sure the Rwanda government can do the same though painstakingly.

New effort to promote Made-in-Rwanda should uphold our commitments to EAC

RE: “New bill to blacklist offending contractors, give preferential treatment to local firms” (The New Times, October 12). As much as we embrace Made-in-Rwanda, we also need to respect our...

We must commit to 'never again'

Thank you The New Times for the well articulated piece.

Welcome back, Hadi!

I wish Janvier Hadi all the best. He still has many things to do with the team.

Gen Nyamvumba is spot on

Well-written and contained sound and practical advice.

Never tire of documenting France's role in Genocide against the Tutsi


We need to keep reminding the world of the Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda and France’s role in its preparation and execution. We need to periodically publish the names...

Of RPA dissidents and their misplaced hate

Hatred, of course, is among the most powerful forces that easily blind those who fall under its spell. Such negative emotions as jealousy, greed and the desire to destroy those...

Strategic partnerships critical for Nyundo School of Art and Music

One of the teachers mentioned, Honoré Iyakaremye, studied music and production with us here at the Nexus Institute of Creative Arts in England. We would love to partner further with...

Kudos to Rwandan archaeologists

Africa’s rich cultural history, assumedly ‘discovered’ by Westerners, was always distorted by the same Westerners. Look at how our traditional and rich medicinal culture was trashed by the West as...

Conduct public consultations on proposed amendment to penal code


Editor, RE: “Keep morality out of law-making” (The New Times, October 10). The government’s position on adultery is commendable in the context of sustainability and sovereignty of Rwandan families.

Tesla cannot be Africa's saviour

Editor, RE: “Let’s call Tesla to Africa’s power rescue” (The New Times, October 7). Mr Mwaura is right when he says that solar energy can solve our energy deficiency. However,...

FDIs change market dynamics


Editor, RE: “RDB officials quizzed over investment incentives” (The New Times, October 2).

We can stamp out illegal forex market

Editor, RE:“Public agencies join hands to fight illegal forex market” (The New Times, October 4). If indeed there is no shortage of forex in the market then supply outweighs demand....

Challenge detractors

Editor, RE: “Rwanda’s political messiahs” (The New Times, October 2).

Keep morality out of law-making


The law should never be used to impose anyone’s moral preferences over those who do not subscribe to them. Keep morality out of law-making.

Look beyond SA for education

Easing travel between the two countries would unquestionably be mutually beneficial for the two countries and their respective people.

Rwandans should not relent in seeking justice

It is right some time to be quiet in order to deliver justice to all those involved. But how right is it when we keep quiet after a case fell...

The future looks bright for Rwanda's education system


The role of a teacher in society is both significant and valuable. It has far-reaching influence on the society they live in and no other personality can have an influence...

Hilton Hotel's arrival in Rwanda is big deal

The more influx of such brands into our market, the more our local operators will eventually realise they too need to raise their game in order to compete and survive....