Discard app-centric mentality and deploy humans to fix transport woes


If indeed it is true bus drivers receive a contract and fixed salary, then the issue here is the level of the salary. Are they being paid enough to ensure...

Promote recycling as an alternative to ban on plastic bags

If it is difficult to institute a total ban on plastic bags, it will be even more difficult to successfully enforce it. Why not think about recycling instead?

Revisit Kigali’s public transport system


Thank you The New Times and RURA for the clarification on drivers’ monitoring system. However, I still think that RURA is treating the symptom but not the root cause.

Rwanda needs more productive investments, not nightclubs and bars

“Negative perceptions that nightclubs and bars are places of sin and debauchery have a lot to do with this...” It isn’t only a question of perception; there is more than...

Growing mineral theft must be checked

Congratulations once again to the Police for the seizing of un-tagged minerals. What needs to be done urgently is to investigate to whom the minerals were being delivered as no...

Let's not be shortsighted in debate on ban of plastic bag


Matt’s position is akin to saying cigarettes should not be banned but rather controlled because banning smoking would result in massive job losses.

Beware of cheap rail projects

Last time we learned that President (John) Magufuli (of Tanzania) has been able to negotiate a similar standard gauge railroad at $1.5 million per kilometre.

Kigali's nightlife offers a lot of unexploited potential

Nightlife being not just about clubbing, Kigali has a head start and huge potential in generating economic benefits between 6p.m and 6a.m.

Ban on plastic bags: EAC should focus on control

RE: “Regional MPs, traders discuss proposed ban on plastic bags” (The New Times, March 11).

The mentality about Kigali’s night life should change

RE: “The night-time economy: can we talk about Kigali’s nightlife?” (The New Times, March 10).

Address investors’ woes in Kigali Special Economic Zone

RE: “Kigali Special Economic Zone maintenance fees still a challenge” (The New Times, March 10).

Circumcision does not prevent hernia

Claiming that circumcision prevents a health problem (such as hernia) is a compulsion of circumcised men to have done to others what was done to them.

Kudos to REMA!

Way to go REMA! Thanks to your drive on wetland conservation, the architecture students at the University of Rwanda did urban studies on the five major wetlands of the City...

We need to mind our business and give Trump's America a break

When will our people understand that the US owes nobody anything, and perhaps her withdrawal from the ‘aid’ business that has done anything but develop our countries will finally get...

Saturated fat doesn't cause heart disease

Saturated fat doesn’t cause heart disease; sugar does.

Rwandans ought to celebrate successful homegrown brands


I beg to differ. On the contrary, perhaps a case of markets authority intervention as BK is clearly usurping all manner of challenge. I mean we are talking of one...

Why Kayonza supports community policing

This is a typical example of a homegrown solution; the story leaves me smiling and even prouder to be Rwandan. It is very true that the now popular “Umugoroba w’Ababyeyi”...

It’s telling that UN did not react to Mitterrand’s genocide comments

You don’t need to surmise their attitude from before the Genocide, it is even clearer after the fact. Does anyone recall any condemnation from any western leader or from the...

Examine land issues further

Another issue to urgently look at is the acquisition of land by foreigners in an environment where land is scarce, which partly makes land acquisition speculative and very expensive, mainly...

How do post-harvest losses come about yet firms are decrying lack of raw materials?


I personally don’t understand where articles like this point to lack of ready market while the processing plants we have are struggling to get raw materials, which they get from...

Not just France, other western powers too knew about the impending Genocide

True. Such cables from the ambassador to his superiors, as earlier as October 1990, indicate that, at the outset, the superiors in Paris knew of the impending tragedy - but...

Stop overloading public buses!

And why has RURA and the Police ignored the number of people buses like KBS take, especially during peak hours. You don’t pile people like they’re potatoes. The maximum number...

Rwanda is on the path to self-reliance

To a large extent, we in Rwanda have already started that process although it is at an early stage. But the signs are visible everywhere.

For leadership, Rwandans know what is best for them

RE: “To presidential hopefuls: Democracy Made-in-Rwanda is alive and growing” (The New Times, October 23).