How do post-harvest losses come about yet firms are decrying lack of raw materials?


I personally don’t understand where articles like this point to lack of ready market while the processing plants we have are struggling to get raw materials, which they get from...

Not just France, other western powers too knew about the impending Genocide

True. Such cables from the ambassador to his superiors, as earlier as October 1990, indicate that, at the outset, the superiors in Paris knew of the impending tragedy - but...

Stop overloading public buses!

And why has RURA and the Police ignored the number of people buses like KBS take, especially during peak hours. You don’t pile people like they’re potatoes. The maximum number...

Rwanda is on the path to self-reliance

To a large extent, we in Rwanda have already started that process although it is at an early stage. But the signs are visible everywhere.

For leadership, Rwandans know what is best for them

RE: “To presidential hopefuls: Democracy Made-in-Rwanda is alive and growing” (The New Times, October 23).

Trump has earned the wrath of mainstream media

RE: “Blame animosity towards Trump on US mainstream media” (The New Times, February 25).

MPs did not turn back bill on Rwanda Investigation Bureau

RE: “MPs turn back bill establishing Rwanda Investigation Bureau” (The New Times, February 27).

US and fake news: Africans should mind their business


The schizophrenic nature of lots of people who follow (watch, listen to or read) that media never ceases to amaze.

Skills critical for Made-in-Rwanda

To the best of their actual knowledge, manufacturers may try to “ensure that they put quality and standards at the forefront of their operations”. However, a large part of that...

Is BK feeling the heat?

A little bit of more research would have been helpful here. I know a few banks that charge interest rates lower than “the new lending policy”; it seems like BK...

Why most leaders fall short

What a powerful and inspiring lecture from the President! If we can have 20 other leaders in senior positions, with the same values and understanding as President Paul Kagame, then...

Finally, the West is having its fair share of fake news

Nobody should be surprised by how President Trump is dealing with the media. He is facing an unusual post-election situation no other new American president ever had to deal with....

Public transport: Deploying a new tracking system is a waste of money


Editor, RE: “New system to help monitor public transport drivers” (The New Times, March 1). I am sorry to say, but this smart card monitoring effort is a waste of...

Extend more support to local industry

Editor, RE: “What it will take to improve Rwanda’s trade balance” (The New Times, February 28).

Promote early childhood centres

Editor, RE: “Migeprof to address Rubavu child-neglect challenges” (The New Times, February 9).

Ranieri was failed by Leicester owners


RE: “Premier League champions Leicester sack manager Ranieri” (The New Times, February 24)

Everyone ought to be on board to defeat cancer

RE: “Beyond practice: Surviving cancer” (The New Times, February 23)

Are our medics doing enough to support contraceptive use?


Hopefully, this will be put into action. I am told that many health clinics already put in place hoops that the young women have to jump to get the family...

No one should be naïve to expect justice from the United Nations

I fully agree with the writer’s conclusion.

What happened to the e-commerce project?


Editor, This is in reference to your story published last week titled: How Murara turned grocery shopping into a cash cow.

Kudos to Mahatma Gandhi University!

Editor, Re : “Elsa Iradukunda crowned Miss Rwanda 2017” (The New Times February 26)

Rwanda is on the path to self-reliance

Editor, Re: Europe should carry its own cross (The New Times Feb 22)

RwandaAir’s Mumbai route will be a dream come true


RE: “Rwanda targets to be the regional aviation hub” (The New Times, 24 February).

Blame animosity towards Trump on US mainstream media

Re: Is Trump right about the media after all? (The New Times, February 24)