Govt should restrict the size of land for personal homes


It is good news that the government is considering all means to making housing affordable. But after reading this article, as an economist, I am very worried about this acquisition...

The UN theatrics shouldn't surprise anyone

So if my understanding serves me correctly, this chief (UN) prosecutor is in “agreement” with the presiding judge because it’s legally sound to release someone a decade or so into...

MoKash will deepen financial inclusion

This is a new invention where people/subscribers can easily get access to financial services, particularly in situations of emergency.

Good choice for mines board leadership


Editor, Re: Senate approves new parastatal heads, envoy (The New Times, February 15, 2017). The appointment of former CEO of Rwanda Development Board (Francis Gatare) to head the newly established...

Nothing good comes out of aid dependence

Editor, Re: The cost of aid dependence (The New Times, February 15, 2017)

Bleaching is suicidal

Editor, RE: “Bleaching: Why you should avoid it at all costs” (The New Times, January 16).

LETTERS: Africa needs a new generation of STEM teachers


This is 100% correct. The big challenge is our teaching method. Teaching STEM in Africa is only done in theory while we need labs in every single lesson.

LETTERS: The cost of aid dependence

I would like to know how much of the headline figure presented as ‘aid’ in fact goes to overhead costs to administer that alleged ‘aid’.

Consult more on proposed Gikondo artificial lake


This is a great idea. My concern is that if the project is not thoroughly studied by experts, we could have flooding during heavy rains. Where will the lake’s boundaries...

Support farmers to tap into new opportunities

Great success for Rwanda and Africa at large!

Reconciliation requires collective efforts

What an interesting and totally welcome approach by all of the people, and the Catholic Church! That this programme was initiated in 2008, and although it is at a slow...

Affordable housing remains a complex issue


Re: New measures to meet housing needs unveiled. (The New Times February 12)

Not everybody is cut to be an entrepreneur

Re: ‘The entrepreneurship bubble’ (The New Times February 8)

Kudos Police

Editor, Congratulations to the Police for the arrest of people with untagged minerals, which has become a big business. What now needs to be done is to find out where...

We need to expose more Rwandan tourist products

Editor Rwandan tourist attractions exhibited in Tel Aviv. (The New Times February 10)

Not everybody is cut out to be an entrepreneur


Yes indeed, “a strong base to continue to grow” calls for an urgent “honest reflection and forward-looking planning.”

Embrace early childhood centers

Consequences of child neglect may include but not limited to low self-esteem, depression and drug abuse in a later age.

Promoting social welfare concerns us all

Our ancestors already warned us about poverty’s dangerous effects on relationships and ,by extension, society at large: “Abasangiye ubusa bitana ibisambo”, “Aharaye inzara haramuka inzigo”.

Teaching is a calling

Teachers, teachers, teachers...always and always!

Customer is king

I recently visited Rwanda, I was there for two weeks and every office, business, organisation I visited, the customer service issue struck me really hard.

To allow or not to allow GMOs


Editor, RE: “Africa, be aware of GMOs!” (The New Times, February 6). I commend Mwene Kalinda for being a very vocal voice on GMOs. It appears Rwanda has a biosafety...

Kiswahili is vital but shouldn’t be costly

Editor, RE: “MPs approve law making Kiswahili official language” (The New Times, February 9). I’m all for having a universally shared language among East Africans but isn’t that the very...

Kudos to Gashora Girls

Editor, RE: “Girls in science: How far have they come?” (The New Times, February 9).

Software developers too can benefit from Made-in-Rwanda

Editor, Re: ‘Buy local and shun corruption: Kagame’ (The New Times February 8)