Discipline has helped RPF to stay focused


RE: “Why RPF-Inkotanyi is not a political party but a family” (The New Times, July 20). Great piece - indeed campaign season reminds us of the bond we all have...

Has the meaning of democracy changed?

RE: “Your contribution is invaluable, RPF candidate tells Nyabugogo traders” (The New Times, July 20). Rwanda and Rwandans have once again proved the world wrong. United more than any time...

Promote use of public cemeteries in the countryside

RE: “Efficient land use vital for sustainable devt – scholars” (The New Times, July 13). I would urge the Government of Rwanda to put in place public cemeteries all over...

As Africans increasingly mature politically, the West needs to embrace new thinking


RE: “Why large crowds instil a climate of fear” (The New Times, July 18). This is our war to win. As Rwandans, we are now mature intellectually and politically, and...

RDF discharge: May the officers retire gracefully  

RE: “RDF retires three generals, over 800 others” (The New Times, July 18). Much respect to the generals and other retiring servicemen and women of the Rwanda Defence Forces. Your...

Africans must do everything possible to chart their future


RE: “Why large crowds instill a climate of fear” (The New Times, July 17).

Rwanda's distinctive politics

RE: “Rwandans celebrate decades of gains at campaign rallies” (The New Times, July 18).

Black people are still marginalised

RE: “Rwanda, US have common values, envoy says” (The New Times, July 8).

Slashing prices of Vision City housing units is a good move


RE: “Developer slashes prices for Vision City homes” (The New Times, July 11).

Kagame always delivers

RE: “I will never disappoint you, Kagame tells supporters in Nyaruguru” (The New Times, July 16).

Let's keep our culture of peaceful campaigns

RE: “Local Govt, Police draw security plan for presidential campaigns” (The New Times, July 11).

Neoliberalism and its consequences

RE: “Why large crowds instil a climate of fear” (The New Times, July 17).

How thirst for power has derailed HRW, Amnesty Int’l from their original missions

The road to hell, as we know, is paved with the best intentions. These organisations originally started with such goals of making the world a better place.

To borrow or not to borrow

The author forgot that most people who open (bank) accounts target borrowed funds (loans and/or cash advances) of financial institutions.

Don’t concentrate on your weaknesses

I like the KFC example used by the writer to illustrate the point. You nailed it. Knowing yourself is about knowing your worth.

No one should be duped by phony rights groups


RE: “Govt trashes HRW report” (The New Times, July 14).

Congratulations Eliane Umuhire, you have done Rwanda proud!

RE: “Actress Umuhire hits the limelight on global stage” (The New Times, July 13).

RwandAir is playing a key role in the country's devt


RE: “Envoy: RwandAir will deepen Rwanda, UK ties” (The New Times, July 12).

Rwanda National Police exemplary

RE: “Police recover over Rwf1.3 million stolen from businessman” (The New Times, July 10).

One’s marital status has nothing to do with the post of President


Editor, RE: “Rwanda’s political system is participatory and inclusive” (The New Times, July 12).

Rwanda will continue to inspire the world

Editor, RE: “Christians pray for Rwanda’s elections” (The New Times, July 11). It is a well-known saying that more things are wrought by prayer than this world can think of.

Rwanda’s political system is participatory and inclusive


Editor, RE: “We should not allow foreign forces to derail the electoral process” (The New Times, July 10).

What happened to traditional ways of keeping oral hygiene?

Editor, RE: “Poor oral hygiene a precursor to NCDs” (The New Times, July 10).

Let’s keep our culture of peaceful campaigns

Editor, RE: “Local Govt, Police draw security plan for presidential campaigns” (The New Times, July 11).

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