A cheaper public transport system is what we need

Allow me to disagree with Mr. Gitura on the solution of congestion tax when there is no proper cheaper mass transport system and when the roads needed anyway to be...

Businesses should respect the city master plan


Probably 3-month notice is not enough. But on a serious note, if we spent a lot of time and resources developing a master plan, we should adhere to it. These...

Standards body should explore more alternatives

My quick one cent on this is that concentrating efforts in strengthening capacity at the central level is the long-term solution. That means widening up the central laboratory at Rwanda...

Genocide seeds were planted by colonial powers

This may not be clear to most people, but the genocides against the Tutsi, which began in the late 50’s, were orchestrated by colonial powers because they understood that a...

Customer service will deliver Vision 2020


At the outset, please allow me to express my deep sympathy to your columnist, Sandra Idossou, for having lost a friend due to negligence and due to poor customer service...

The polythene bags should be banned across EAC region

This is an enlightened article. The conclusion is exactly right. Marketing an EAC is far more attractive to time-strapped tourists who want to fit in as much as possible in...

The double standards in tracking mass murderers


Editor, RE: “Third Genocide fugitive in New Zealand unmasked” (The New Times, January 4).

Trump won because he was candidate of choice. Period!

Editor, RE: “The American public against trump” (The New Times, January 3).

Setting the record straight


The first published account of the shameful behavior of the UK and US in the UN Security Council as the 1994 genocide of the Tutsi took place appeared in The...

Enforce stern measures to improve customer service

Powerful message from the President; unfortunately, nobody-either in private and public sectors-is taking the issue seriously enough, and until he introduces stern measures (including fines, job suspensions or even dismissal...

2017 should be the year to intensify fight against cancer

Rwanda is going places; very encouraging indeed. As a passionate cancer advocate, I plead that attention must be directed to the devastating impact of breast cancer all cancers for that...

Why we should focus on education tourism


The education sector is always crucial to any country. It is important, therefore, that the healthy growth of this sector is encouraged by the Government.

Time to take copyrights seriously

Good and pertinent points Mr. Ntayombya! It’s such a shame to see renowned artistes like Aime Uwimana, Luc Buntu, Patient Bizimana and others’ CDs openly pirated in Kigali streets.

Gambia's Jammeh was misled by his own people

The post-election situation in the Gambia is the perfect illustration of that English phrase, “Snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory!”

Car-free zone devt should address salient issues


This is such a great idea. Recognizing that the plan is incomplete, one is concerned, however, by the description of the activities in the article at least as noted, what...

Sonia Mugabo is an inspiration to the youth

As we all usher in the New Year, it was wonderful to read that the dynamic designer, Sonia Mugabo, opened her new outlet at the Kigali Marriott Hotel. I had...

Bourbon Coffee: Our clients deserve the best

Dear Mr. Musinguzi, we read your published article about your experience at our two Bourbon Coffee shops. First of all, we earnestly thank you for visiting Bourbon Coffee, though this...

Time to convert cash in bank deposits into material assets


Meantime people everywhere (including our central bankers with much of our reserves parked in western banks and other western financial assets) should begin trembling at what will happen when (not...

Kudos to the women achievers

It is very satisfying to see how The New Times encourages Rwandans, both young and old, who make a mark in some way or the other, by reporting their achievements...

Educate business community on copyright law

Thanks for the interest in IP (intellectual property) and the information given, even if you didn’t take any initiative to consult the IP bureau in RDB to discuss on its...

Technology will certainly lead Rwanda out of aid dependency


Editor, RE: “New technologies make Rwanda a front runner in enhancing regional trade” (The New Times, December 27).

The right medicine for Greece

Editor, RE: “Prescribe right medicine for Greece” (The New Times, December 27).

Umwalimu Sacco defaulters must pay

Editor, RE: “Umwalimu SACCO cuts credit limit for teachers by 50 per cent” (The New Times, December 27).

Impose stern measures to discourage illegal mining

Editor, RE: “Two killed in mining accident” (The New Times, December 28).