We can learn a lot from Israel


Good move. At least we can learn few things from Israel. They are completely energy independent which means they are not interconnected to neighbouring grids.

More leaders should join MPs in anti-genocide ideology drive

It is important to reach out to and educate the youth on the fight against genocide ideology. I hope some of our youths are not stubborn as to turn a...

Rwanda Calling 2017 delegates will support Genocide victim


Editor, RE: “Genocide: Child born out of rape, mother recollect the painful journey to healing” (The New Times, 25 May).

Why should Kim trust Trump?

Editor, RE: “My solution to North Korea” (The New Times, April 30).

Where are the Rwandan women in the boardroom?

Editor, RE: “Banking: Where are the boardroom women?” (The New Times, April 27).

Sustained education on traffic rules needed

Editor, RE: “RNP launches campaign to promote road safety” (The New Times, May 24)

A lot is awaited from new forensic lab

Editor, RE:“Forensic Laboratory: What does this mean for Rwanda?” (The New Times, May 24).

Rwandan athletes can learn a lot from Kenyan counterparts

Editor, RE: “Nyirarukundo on why Rwanda has lagged behind in athletics” (The New Times, May 24)

Technology alone won’t fix education challenges


Editor, RE: “Regional scholars discuss integration of digital education” (The New Times, April 26).

Rwandans shaping their own democratic path

Editor, RE: “Rwanda’s model of democracy” (The New Times, May 8)

Who takes the blame for global disorder?

Editor, RE: “The world must make clear that use of chemical weapons is unacceptable” (The New Times, April 30).

There is so much we can do to broaden our tax base


Editor, RE: “Rwanda Revenue Authority has potential to surpass the Rwf1 trillion target” (The New Times, May 16).

Lessons from Kigali peace marathon

Editor, RE: “Mrs Kagame, Kenyan First Lady headline Kigali peace marathon” (The New Times, May 22)

More studies required before roll out of Yego Moto

Editor, RE: “Taxi-moto operations to go cashless under new system” (The New Times, May 22)

Put farming at the centre of entrepreneurship ventures


Re: Bank Rwanda’s future growth on Youth ‘Tech-preneurs’ (Sunday Times May 21)

MIDIMAR's support to refugees is commendable

Re: “MIDIMAR expects over 12,000 returnees by July 2018” The New Times, 18 May.

We should collectively consolidate our gains


Editor, RE: “Police Week 2017 activities launched” (The New Times, May 18)

Property tax not feasible for economic growth

Editor, RE: “What Rwanda needs to achieve 6.2 per cent economic growth” (The New Times, May 18)

Obama is free to earn a living as a consultant

Editor, RE: “Obama and the $400,000 question” (The New Times, May 6).

Strictly enforce the Auditor General’s recommendations


Re: Government to establish national skills database (The New Times May 16)

Mediocre contractors should not be tolerated

Re: Justice ministry toughens stance on delayed and abandoned projects (The New Times May 17)

There is so much we can do to broaden our tax base


Re: Rwanda Revenue Authority has potential to surpass the Rwf1 trillion target (The New Times May 16).

Patriotism should be incentive enough to draw refugees back

Editor, Re: “Cash incentive boosts number of returnees” The New Times, 15 May.

Working class should learn from Shirimpumu

Re: How Shirimpumu used a salary loan to become a model farmer, employer (The New Times May 16).