Invest in inter-schools sports competitions


Editor, RE: “Tracing athlete Myasiro’s humble rise to fame” (The New Times, August 20).

Introduce branding and ear tagging to curtail cattle rustling

Editor, RE: “Nyagatare residents urged to fight cattle rustling” (The New Times, August 20).

AU and AfDB are like apples and oranges

Editor, RE: “Why Dr Kaberuka should snub AU top job” (The New Times, August 21).

[LETTERS] Why Rwanda and EAC partners must not back down on used clothes ban


From the US perspective, almost $2 billion dollars is at stake here. This is no small money, so it is no wonder Washington D.C is having their envoys attempt to...

[LETTERS] The future of youth lies in agribusiness

Very interesting initiative by the Ministry of Agriculture. The State for Agriculture, Tony Nsanganira, is one of the officials who truly understand the potential of ICTs in revolutionising this sector.

[LETTERS] Here's how Rwanda can win an Olympic medal

Until Rwanda gets serious about its Olympic programme, the country will never produce a medalist. For Nathan Byukusenge's training, Team Rwanda received $3,500 and two plane tickets over 4 years...

Construct football pitches to harness talent

So, we will sack till when? When will we realise that we don't have quality players to call on? You could give this team to Jose Mourinho or Pep Guardiola...

Why ICC is just another colonial project


Action speaks louder and more effectively than words. Instead of Africa's opposition to ICC getting louder, what practical steps are African countries, collectively or singly, exactly taking to show that...

Revenue sharing scheme is a great innovation

It was very interesting to read the Sunday Times’ lead story which indicated that Rwf2.6 billion had been invested in as many as 480 projects under the tourism revenue sharing...

Expos are an opportunity to showcase products, not to make a profit

I personally think that the purpose of expos should be to make a company's products known to the public. Expos are also intended to convince potential buyers that their product...

[LETTERS] Satellite images can't fight poverty

I totally disagree with this article. Satellite images cannot in any way help in fighting poverty. What they can do though is help foreigners who have never set their feet...

[LETTERS] Bugesera 'bicycle women' deserve an award

Does Elias Muneza mean that women are soft and that they should not be exposed to hard activities like men? Each of these women use the bicycle for an activity...

[LETTERS] EAC countries should pursue their common interests and ignore threats


Joseph Rwagatare nailed it on the head! It’s interesting how the US envoys across the region have come out full steam in synchronised threats to our governments about serious reprisals...

[LETTERS] Sports journalists can do better

I’m curious to know who some of the local sports journalists will now blame for Amavubi’s woes since Johnny McKinstry has out of the picture. Most likely, they will soon...

Intensify efforts to attract more investors


Refer to the article “Rwanda woos Chinese investors in Shanghai” (The New Times, September) 18.

FERWAFA should not bow to populist pressure

It is very sad that we keep playing the game of sacking coaches and recruiting others. It is sad to see the Ministry of Sports and Culture bow to pressure...

Yes, Christian names are a symbol of enslavement


Editor, RE: “Christian names are a creation of colonialism” (The New Times, August 16). As Ggwanga Mujje rightly noted, a name like his has real meaning for an African. For...

Support social entrepreneurs to impact more lives

Editor, RE: “How 19-year-old Ishimwe fixed Kayonza’s water problem” (The New Times, August 16).

Olympics: We can do better

Editor, RE: “How we can build competitiveness in future Olympics” (The New Times, August 16).

[LETTERS] Let's fight breast cancer together


Great article, Dr Rachna Pande! Breast cancer awareness and education have played a major role in controlling the disease in developed countries – we can learn from them.

[LETTERS] Conduct study on outlawed herbs

This drug trafficking vice beats my understanding. If really these herbs (cannabis, marijuana, etc) are bad, why is the United States having a patent on them?

[LETTERS] Empowering, recognising the youth a noble cause

It is very encouraging to read how the Government motivates and empowers the youth to perform to perfection and transform Remarkable Rwanda by providing them with opportunities and creating a...

Vet hospital will boost livestock sector


I would like to thank Dr Otto Fischer and his partners for establishing the veterinary hospital in Musanze. I believe the hospital will do a great deal to veterinary practitioners...

The stock market can do better

Having assessed this opportunity of trading on Rwanda Stock Exchange in the past, I have a few observations: while it is fairly easy to locate a brokerage, the information available...