Patriotism should always define us


As the journey of liberation is gaining pace, we should be able to set standard values that define us and let the world know.One and foremost should be dignity.

Survivors will triumph

As a Bank of Kigali client, I have known and been attended to by Ms. Francoise Muteteli. Two weeks ago, her son and my daughter graduated from Wellspring Academy having...

Has too much pampering destroyed our youth?

We who trekked to school over 10 km away barefooted know the impact it had on ourselves and the community’s welfare.

Here’s how we can honour our liberation heroes


Editor, RE: “Reaping the fruits of liberation” (The New Times, July 5).

RNC infighting was always inevitable

Editor, RE: “Infighting tears RNC apart” (The New Times, July 5). There’s now a war over acronyms; no ideology, no vision (and no! unseating a government is not a vision),...

Rwanda and Israel have a lot in common

Editor, RE: “We are coming back to Africa for stronger ties, says Israeli premier” (The New Times, July 5).

[LETTERS] Could Brexit be a sign of a major leadership problem?


Such a detailed account of Brexit’s causal chain of events; it goes to show that all is not well in the UK, and that we shouldn’t take things at face...

[LETTERS] Of survivor stories and acts of bravery by RPA troops

I was deeply touched to read the most tragic life story of Francoise Muteteli on Rwanda’s Liberation Day.

[LETTERS] Happy 22nd Liberation Anniversary to all Rwandans


Happy Liberation Day, fellow Rwandans! It was a very long and tiresome journey, a journey where for an important outing, our fathers had to borrow trousers, a journey where our...

[LETTERS] Trust the western media at your own peril

Interesting perspective but for us Africans let us not treat articles from the Guardian and other left wing western media as biblical truth. First, when more than 51 per cent...

[LETTERS] Kwibohora22: Rwandans have a lot to celebrate

Thank the Catholic Church for inspiring that most genocidal of ideology and its accompanying document, the Bahutu Manifesto, and then subsequently that Belgian so-called professor, Filip Reyntjens, for translating the...

[LETTERS] Human trafficking: US should clean its own house first

Reality check: In the U.S., human trafficking tends to occur around international travel-hubs with large immigrant populations, notably the states of California and Texas.

[LETTERS] Adopt building friendly policies


Someone needs to oversee these policies with user-friendly services, like affordable construction permit processing costs. Just don't drop down policies that will be exploited as bite to catch users who...

[LETTERS] Breastfeeding in public is a natural phenomenon

This very question shows how western sexualization mentality has insidiously penetrated our culture, especially among urbanized young Rwandans and Africans.

[LETTERS] US report on human trafficking is flawed


No one has in any way tried to trivialize the concern that is caused by trafficking in humans - at least in principle - and to my knowledge, authorities in...

[LETTERS] President Kagame is a selfless servant leader

I am a Kenyan-Australian living in the Sydney, Australia. I am also an international lawyer and teacher. It is humbling to see an institution such as JKUAT remember the victims...

Not everyone in the Catholic Church should be scoffed at


Editor, RE: "Outrage as Catholic Church honours Genocide convicts" (The New Times, June 27).

Parents key to crime prevention

Editor, RE: “RNP target youth in crime prevention” (The New Times, June 20).

Chauvinism in all its forms must be fought

Editor, RE: “Are we giving too much freedom to varsity students?” (The New Times, June 15).

Africa needs to wean self off dependence on foreign 'masters'


Editor, RE: “We are ready for AU Summit – Mushikiwabo” (The New Times, June 8).

Challenges of contemporary parenting

Editor, RE: “Is parenting on its deathbed?” (The New Times, June 23).

Probe absenteeism of doctors

Editor, RE: “Who will diagnose doctor absenteeism?” (The New Times, June 20).

Challenges of contemporary parenting

Editor, RE: “Is parenting on its deathbed?” (The New Times, June 23).

Brexit: Britain jumped out of plane without a parachute


Editor, RE: “Why I think our EAC cannot get to a 'Brexit' point” (The New Times, June 26).