STEM: Girls and women are just as capable as their male counterparts


Editor, RE: “Women are Africa’s most precious resource, let’s empower them” (The New Times, May 11).

Genocide: France can only conduct show trials

Editor, RE: “Ibuka wants France to expedite Ngenzi, Barahira Genocide trial” (The New Times, May 10).

Ms. Geek and Miss Rwanda are two different contests

Editor, RE: “By saying nothing, Ms. Geek says everything about Miss Rwanda” (The New Times, May 9).

A warm welcome to World Economic Forum delegates


Editor, RE: “Why Rwanda is warming to World Economic Forum” (The New Times, May 9).

Govt will work with parents on debt recovery

Editor, RE: “Govt mulls stiff debt recovery measures” (The New Times, May 9).

US elections not about manifestoes

Editor, RE: “American elections: The voters’ will matters most” (The New Times, May 9).

Attitude of Israel-trained Rwandan irrigation experts unacceptable


Editor, RE: “Gatsibo, Nyagatare farmers upbeat about irrigation scheme” (The New Times, May 5).

Authorities equally to blame for nosocomial infections

Editor, RE: “Medics blame hospital-acquired infections on poor hand hygiene” (The New Times, May 6).

Addiction to your phone is abuse of technology

Editor, RE: “How addicted are you to your phone?” (The New Times, May 8).

Satisfying the local market is a big challenge


Editor, RE: “Innovation key to successful Made-in-Rwanda campaign” (The New Times, May 6).

Consolidate environment conservation gains

Editor, RE: “Rwanda’s regulatory environment in support of green urban development” (The New Times, May 5).

Dowry custom is abused

Editor, RE: “This thing called dowry” (The New Times, May 8).

Prepare adequately for disasters

Editor, RE: “Why does the rain continue to beat us the same way?” (The New Times, May 8).

Homegrown solutions remain key to our growth


The driving force for Rwanda’s success is inherently embodied into Rwandans’ culture and spirit. This is the most secret behind Rwanda’s transformation in recent years.

Women emancipation in Africa is still a process

I must commend RwandaAir and Ethiopian Airlines for helping open the door of empowering women to work in Africa.

Alien values should not define school regulations

A lot has been done in Rwanda over the last 22 years, not just in education sector but in all areas of economic development – thanks to our national visionary...

UN setup does not allow equality among states


Editor, RE: “What the next UNSG needs to focus on” (The New Times, April 18).

Innovation key to successful Made-in-Rwanda campaign

Editor, RE: “When businesses don’t innovate they collapse...” (The New Times, May 5).

Africa needs to emphasise on research for development

Editor, RE: “Transformational, interventionist states: lessons from China” (The New Times, May 4).

Made-in-Rwanda initiative needs everyone's support


Editor, RE: “How to boost Made-in-Rwanda campaign” (The New Times, May 3).

The land question in Rwanda needs further examination

Editor, RE: “We should admit that land ownership is a serious issue” (The New Times, May 3).

Breast cancer: self-test must be made priority


Editor, RE: “Breast cancer check” (The New Times, May 2).

The unexploited business prospects in health sector

Editor, RE: “New firm to manage King Faisal Hospital” (The New Times, April 27).

We should admit that land ownership is a serious issue


Editor, RE: “Land and population in Rwanda, a Malthusian trap?” (The New Times, April 26).