We need change at Rwanda Football Federation


RE: “Does Nzamwita deserve a second term as FERWAFA president?” (The New Times, June 24).

Indian star Zargar's song is a symbol of cordial relations

RE: “Indian star Zargar explains the inspiration behind his song, Oh My Rwanda” (The New Times, June 24).

The questions we should ask about 'cagua'

RE: “EAC must remain firm on cagua” (The New Times, June 24).

Cagua: US's attitude gives meaning to Dambisa Moyo's book, Dead Aid


Essentially the US position boils down to: We will grant you limited duty-free access to a few of your low value-added exports (and as this is a unilateral gesture on...

Adopt a holistic approach to tourism

Being in the tourism sector for over three decades, it is of vital importance to have a complete bouquet of tourism products and services for sustained growth, rather than just...

Electoral campaigns should be carried out with responsibility


I was trying to listen to this young lady’s message to Rwandans via Voice of America. I think she is contesting to lead Rwandans out of personal grievances. She doesn’t...

EAC must remain firm on cagua

All this AGOA (Africa Growth Opportunity Act) stuff is about that saying of 'keeping your enemy closer' and when the time comes you find yourself on your own.

In Rwanda, agric is a gold mine, but it takes hard work, passion


Editor, RE: “How Huye businessman is reaping millions from growing grapes, making juice” (The New Times, June 20). Let’s keep infusing, through our respective practical concrete examples, the spirit of...

Still looking for family members for 23 years. I need your help

Editor, I am uncle to a young girl based in Germany, Anita Namuleme Nsambu, who is trying to get in touch with her mother. The mother, who we knew by...

It’s about time Rwandan youth rose to the occasion

Editor, RE: “It’s okay to be ambitious” (The New Times, June 19). Great read as always, Mr. Rugira. I watched you on Eugene Anangwe’s INFOCUS promoting this very idea that...

Satellite images and deep learning key to poverty fight

Editor, RE: “How satellite images and deep learning can fight global poverty” (The New Times, August 20, 2016). Obviously, satellite images cannot fight the poverty alone. It is just another...

Is terrorism a means of war in new global order?


Editor, RE: “Democracy trumps terrorism” (The New Times, May 28).

Where is the law on smoking?

I have always had problems with smokers and when they talked about banning public smoking, I was the happiest. However, to my surprise the law was only talked about and...

Africa should rise to the occasion

Editor, RE: “Africa, Europe are not threats to each other – Kagame” (The New Times, June 8).

Burundi refugees are here to stay


Minister Mukantabana's words on why we Rwandans should welcome those who flee their own countries because of well-founded fear of persecution or worse certainly resonate with me.

A shortage of pens affecting service delivery at BK branch

I recently had a visit to Rwanda and stayed at my mother's in Kirehe District. I came with money for some home projects that are ongoing. My brother owns an...

With the right approach, terrorism can be stopped


The writer is correct to call these mass murders in terror incidents ‘wicked acts.’ And they should be condemned with equal force by all right-thinking people the world over, no...

Obama is free to earn a living as an expert

Not sure what is all the fuss about Barack Obama making an honest living after leaving office. Isn’t that the American dream afterwards? It is all about supply and demand...

UR's decision on campus locations prudent, timely


RE: “Distribution of UR campuses across the country is a good move” (The New Times, June 15). I can only commend both University of Rwanda (UR) and the Government for...

Give Rwandan media a break

RE: “Rwandan media can’t have it both ways” (The New Times, June 14).

I wish Nsengimana the best of luck!

RE: “Minister Nsengimana appointed chair of global forum on SDGs” (The New Times, June 14). It is very interesting to follow the giant strides being made by Remarkable Rwanda, particularly...

Distribution of UR campuses across the country is a good move


Editor, RE: “University of Rwanda in fresh round of restructuring” (The New Times, June 14).

The US situation is reversible

Editor, RE: “The situation in the United States can’t be reversed” (The New Times, June 2).

Public must be educated on the dangers of Ponzi schemes

Editor, RE: “Central bank bans operations of ‘D9 Club’ regional pyramid scheme” (The New Times, June 13).