UNSC: How important is a permanent seat for Africa?


Editor, RE: “Why African leaders should push for UNSC permanent seat” (The New Times, January 30).

Tribute to Nyange heroes

Editor, RE: “Nyange students' heroic legacy lives on” (The New Times, February 1).

Taxi motos must be mindful of security

Editor, RE: “Minister Harerimana tips taxi-moto supervisors on security” (The New Times, January 30).

It takes time to change Genocidal mindsets

Editor, RE: “Genocidal mindsets have no place in today’s Rwanda” (The New Times, January 29).

We need a paradigm shift in world order

Editor, RE: “Donald Trump: What would be his likely policy for Africa?” (The New Times, January 30).

Amavubi stars did the country proud


Editor, RE: “Amavubi knocked out of CHAN” (The New Times, January 31).

Private sector should play a pro-active role in tourism

Editor, Re: “Community tourism earns Rwanda honors in Spain and Netherlands” (The New Times, January 31).

The ironies of the world

What all this confirms, not just implies, is that justice is neither objective blind, nor equal -- and has never been. Where you come from, and who you are, determine...

Empowering the health sector

The Ministry of Health (MoH) is always geared up to ensure that the country gains from the latest developments and innovations which take place in different parts of the world.

In Rwanda, pedestrians matter more than vehicles


Editor, RE: “The street as the ‘third place’ between home and workplace” (The New Times, January 27).

FARG should look beyond fundraisers

Editor, RE: “FARG seeks Rwf28bn for survivors’ homes” (The New Times, January 27).

Recent achievements mean we can only move forward

Editor, RE: “Rwanda has laid foundation for 4th Industrial Revolution” (The New Times, January 27).

Our export deficit is unsustainable


Editor, RE: “Exports: Govt intensifies efforts to link traders to regional markets” (The New Times, January 27).

Promote research in varsities

Editor, RE: “Academics urged on demand-driven research” (The New Times, January 27).

CNBC studios relocation to Kigali is good move

Editor, RE: “CNBC Africa to relocate regional studios to Kigali” (The New Times, January 25).

Stop police impersonators

Editor, RE: “Two held over impersonation” (The New Times, January 27).

Rwanda has laid foundation for 4th Industrial Revolution


Editor, RE: “Is Rwanda ready for the anticipated Fourth Industrial Revolution?” (The New Times, January 26).

RSSB should serve pensioners better

Editor, Refer to the article “RSSB can reform to perform better” (The New Times, January 26).

Unleashing Rwanda's tourism potential


Editor, RE: “Dutch firms explore investment opportunities in tourism sector” (The New Times, January 24).

A true democracy puts the interests of the people first

Editor, RE: “Rwanda’s democracy: Insist on defining ‘the good life’” (The New Times, January 25).

Translating science books into Kinyarwanda not the solution


Editor, RE: “Translate science books into Kinyarwanda” (The New Times, January 22).

Respect Rwandans' choices

Editor, RE: “No cause for alarm; Rwandans have clarity of their democratisation process” (The New Times, January 21).

Police should crackdown on all con artists out there

Editor, RE: “Police bust mobile banking theft ring” (The New Times, January 23).

Promote intercultural festivals

Editor, RE: “Chinese festival to strengthen cultural ties with Rwanda” (The New Times, January 23).