Society, not parents to blame for children's vulnerability


Editor, Reference is made to Benoit Talemwa’s article, “Investing in our children, securing our future” (The New Times, February 17). Certainly a great piece, but how can ‘modern’ parents create...

Many genocidaires have infiltrated Nordic villages

Editor, Reference is made to the Editorial, “Other countries should pick a leaf from Norway” (The New Times, February 12). Fugitives suspected to have committed or abetted acts of the...

Mutabazi's pieces insightful

Editor, Refer to Junior Sabena Mutabazi’s article, “Good governance, the bedrock of sustainable development” (The New Times, February 12). Allow me to convey my gratitude to Mr. Mutabazi. I am...

Why I didn't buy flowers and chocolates on Valentine's Day


Editor, Over the past few decades it has been very hard to ignore the sea of red gifts and boxes of chocolates lining the aisles in most stores around the...

Look for experience, not degrees

Editor, Reference is made to Victor Visathan’s article, “Of bachelor’s degrees, and project management jobs” (The New Times, February 16).

Kudos to Todd and Andria

Editor, Refer to the story, “Couple on mission to give vulnerable children education” (The New Times, February 15).

Invest in agric, job creation to boost purchasing power


Editor, Reference is made to the article, “Global brands rush for rental space as Kigali Heights nears completion” (The New Times, February 12).

Give fresh graduates equal chances in the job market

Editor, I am really disgruntled with this misconception of employers that the Rwandan education system is poor, hence incompetent graduates. It’s not true; employers are just eliminating the ‘unknown’ graduates...

Education will change perception about Africa

Editor, Refer to the article, “Education for Africa’s children more important than ever” (The New Times, February 9).

UN has lied about FDLR before and continues to do the same


Editor, Refer to Joseph Rwagatare’s article, “Deceit, moral posturing explain UN inaction against FDLR” (The New Times, February 13). Have we forgotten that Monusco chief Martin Kobler—perhaps in a moment...

Give Amavubi job to a homegrown coach

Editor, Allow me to react to the article, “Local coaches 'fear' Amavubi job” (The New Times, February 11). It is high time we empower homegrown coaches to take up the...

Gorrilla photographer got a little too close to silverback

Editor, Refer to the story, “Photographer gets punched by mountain gorilla” (The New Times, February 11). I suppose the photographer in question breached the rules which require keeping a distance...

Tourism and the 'local guy'


Editor, Reference is made to Sunny Ntayombya’s article, “Tourism: does the ‘local guy’ matter to industry players?” (The New Times, February 11).

Prioritise high value commercial crops

Editor, Reference is made to story, “New coffee policy in the offing, says agric minister” (The New Times, February 10).

Cycling: Rwanda can rule Africa

Editor, Refer to the story, “Ndayisenga wins silver at Africa Cycling Championships” (The New Times, February 12). Kudos to Ndayisenga!

Taxes are paid electronically

Editor, Refer to the story, “Two women arrested over impersonating tax collectors” (The New Times, February 11).

Iwawa model should be replicated globally


Editor, On February 11, 2012, the world lost a legendary singer—Whitney Houston. The popular “When I Believe” artiste and “The bodyguard” film superstar died from drug abuse addiction; she left...

Agriculture sector has been transformed

Editor, Reference is made to the article “New initiative could double agric output” (The New Times, February 10). Of particular interest is the information from the Civil Society Platform and...

Make expropriations friendlier

Editor, We appreciate the City of Kigali’s achievements in recent years; however, City dwellers who have no other place to call home should not stay for years resigned to fate,...

Graduates are scapegoated


Editor, Refer to David Dusabirane’s article, “New curriculum will not solely fix the education challenges” (The New Times, February 10). There is a misconception in the way people explain the...

In Gikondo-Nyenyeri, there is no water to ration

Editor, In your Tuesday’s issue, you reported that the current water rationing was to go on for another 24 months (Businesses have to wait longer as water rationing runs for...

Monusco passed its 'sell-by' date

Editor, Refer to the story, “Ban Ki-moon appoints new deputy special envoy for Monusco” (The New Times, February 7).

Empower employees to improve service

Editor, Feedback is needed, but so is proper training of employees (which starts with employers). I and many folks have had negative experiences.

Third term debate: Why Kagame should not abandon Rwandans


Editor, Reference is made to Dr Joseph Karemera’s article, “A great leader with a great track record: A recollection” (The New Times, February 9).