The new cabinet is a reflection of visionary leadership

The new Cabinet is an endorsement of a winning team. If you appreciate the leader, then you appreciate the entire team.

It's okay to mix teacher-centered and student centred learning

The author makes some valid points once she gets past the quote in the first paragraph that is most unhelpful for less experienced teachers as noted, as well as education...

We should collectively push for a plastics-free East Africa


Congratulations Kenya for doing your part for a plastics-free East Africa. Should this ban be as diligently enforced as in Rwanda and be accompanied by other environment-friendly measures, Kenyans can...

As Africans we should stick to our own beliefs

The only way we can beat them is by reinventing our own religion based on truth and nature, but not lies or empty promises.

Central bank has a right to regulate money

The national bank has every right to control what people do with the national currency including how it is traded. After all, the money belongs to the central bank -...

This is how religion was used to plunder Africa


Where has Mr. Sengoga been hiding the better part of the past 8 centuries? For he surely has missed out on all the juicy details of how the so called...

Train more dieticians focusing our traditional food

Even more urgent and as a preventing action, would be to train at high scientific level of Rwandan dieticians and food designers with strong recommendation to focus on re-discovering and...

Genocide: The West has a history of acting indifferent

UK prosecutors would arraign any person(s) suspected of involvement in the Holocaust discovered on their territory, with a very high probability of conviction and the likelihood of dying in prison.

Men in uniform should always be exemplary

Justice has been finally delivered. Men in uniform should always behave in an exemplary manner. They should always remember that they are being watched by everyone in society.

Reprimand errant city law enforcers

It is more than a question of lawsuits. If these allegations are true, then you have the commission of even a greater crime (misappropriation by public officials of lawfully seized...

It’s not CAF to pay Nzamwita’s taxes

This is not how things work in this world. Can you imagine if all of us were to go back to our employers and ask them to make up for...

Genocide fugitives can run but can't hide forever


Genocide perpetrators can flee justice but can never hide forever. They may change names and hop from one country to another but as the saying goes, you can’t run from...

Rwanda has potential to be medical tourism destination

We should be able to filter our goals and roll-out medium- and long-term investments. Rwanda has a healing weather and environment than the drugs would do.

Those who abuse social media should face the law

I agree with Lonzen Rugira that social media should be allowed to flourish without the heavy hand of regulation. But the absence of regulation does not mean condoning lawlessness and...

Africa's historical problems are rooted in religion


Mr. Sengoga, you are very far from the truth, without mentioning a myriad of empirical studies linking the emergence of foreign religions to poverty, social conflicts and wars in Africa.

Rwanda chose the path of unity and reconciliation

This is an excellent rebuttal to the German ambassador’s attempts at giving lessons to Rwanda on the need to deliver justice rather than revenge.

Western-style diet is unhealthy

I usually don’t agree with Davy, especially as regards neocolonialists’ continuing hold on too many of our peoples’ minds, but on this issue I am fully in agreement with him.

Unfair attacks on Rwanda have nothing to do with democracy


The premise is all wrong; it had nothing to do with any alleged conflict between the Rwandan people and democracy, liberal or of any other sort. It was the victory...

Behind Western media's anti-Rwanda campaign  

All music to my ears. Always a good feeling when I see fellow Africans rebuff neo-colonialism en masse and on an emotional level. Mwene Kalinda, you are doing such a...

Who takes illegal vendors' merchandise?

There appears to be a transparency issue with the chain of custody of goods seized from illegal vending. Is there a consistent line of paperwork already in place, which deals...

Evangelical entities not to blame for Africa's woes

Mr. Rukariza’s argument displays simplistic, biased thinking reminiscent of an amateur in scholarly analysis. In no way can poverty in Africa or Rwanda for that matter be attributed to foreign...

Genocide suspects get fair trial in Rwanda


Interesting that Dr Peter Woeste, the German ambassador in Kigali, now – it seems – wants to question the decision of his country’s courts to extradite Mr. Twagiramungu to have...

Is the West unsettled by Rwanda's homegrown development path?


To get to where Rwanda is now – a development trajectory we have wrested out of the clutches of neo-colonial control and that we ourselves finally own - we had...

How has Rwanda bounced back?

I am an American from California, who just returned from visiting your incredible country. Your museums are important, but so is the natural beauty of both the City of Kigali...