Teachers' platform: Adequate preparation will enable you pass final exams

As you do the count down to the commencement of your examinations, I wish to encourage you to prepare adequately and build confidence in yourselves so as to emerge victorious.

Expert Voice: Here is how to help your children pass exams

I have two children who are candidates. What must I do differently to ensure that they have a peace of mind during this examination period?

Sex education: Do you discuss sex issues with your parents?

Recently, The Education Times visited IPAK Kimihura to find out whether these teenagers ever discuss sex-related matters with their parents. Solomon Asaba shares with us some of their testimonies

From the editor: Making the most of report cards

Once again the end of the school term is upon us. Students, who finished their exams a few days back, will soon be returning home with the Report Card. To...

News: Makerere suspends additional graduation fees

Kampala - Police on Tuesday morning fired tear gas and live bullets to disperse striking students shortly after the Makerere University management said it had suspended the additional graduations fees...

Know Your History: Rukara, an icon of resistance to colonialists

Although King Mutara III Rudahigwa is famous for having resisted colonial rule at the end of the 18th century, many Rwandans believe Rukara Rwa Bishingwe was even more firm in...

School Memories: My account as a cowardly cheat

I never did like studying Biology. I guess it's a good thing that I had made up my mind before hand that I wasn't going to be a doctor. Biology...

Book Review: Your success is as big as your dreams

Book title: Keza's Journey To Success Author: Winnie Muhumuza Mugisha Reviewed by: Emmanuel Ngabire Publisher: Excel Education Partners

Honey, fish-heads: Crazy things candidates do in the name of exams


On October 21, 2014, Primary Six candidates will start final exams, while finals for Senior three and Advanced level will start on October 28 and end on November 6.

Finished S.3? Electrical engineering could be an option


An idealist says, 'give me a place to stand and I will move the world' but we all know that such a place does not exist. That is why for...

Can you eat school lunch when boys or girls are watching?


The Education Times visited College Amir Des Effants in Kinyinya and asked students whether they have lunch as expected or whether they skip it for fear of being laughed at...

Success favours the prepared


On Friday 19th September, 2014 Riviera High School hosted a Physics seminar to help students interact with their colleagues from different schools. Students who attended that seminar came from Liquidnet...


National examinations are knocking and primary six, senior three and senior six candidates are in panic mood. It is common for students to become nervous and even lose appetite for...

EXPERT VOICE: Don't panic, just concentrate on your books


It's often common that the mere mention of exams makes us a little nervous even when we have have prepared well and attended every lesson. It's a terrible feeling that's...



Who says Paul, formerly Saul, a persecutor of Christians, was the last person to reform and start winning souls for Christ? Well, Jackie Uwase, a student at College Ami des...

Kosiya Kifefe


This is an interesting novel about growing up in pre and post independence Africa. It tells the story of an ambitious man from western Uganda called Kosiya kifefe who manages...

THE thin line between love and hate

The first and only time I received a love letter from a girl, I was 16 years old. I dare say it's the strangest thing that has ever happened to...

Will Nigerian schoolgirls ever be freed?

Six months since militant Islamist group Boko Haram sparked global outrage by abducting more than 200 girls from Chibok town in north-eastern Nigeria, the government has still failed to secure...

Teachers Day: Life, aspirations of a teacher in Rwanda


How many students would want to become teachers at the end of their courses? Few, if any! Although it fosters every other profession, the teaching profession has itself continued to...

Students discuss teacher-student relationship


Cases of teacher-student relationships are on the increase in schools despite the threat of HIV/Aids mainly contracted through cross-generational sex.

Know your history: Inyambo, the lovely gentle cows


A cow is just a cow until you visit the King's Palace Museum located in Rukari, Nyanza district, home to Inyambo- the traditional cows.

Pride, foolishness, ignorance and shame

I walked to the front of the classroom beaming with excitement and pride. I had finally been chosen to read my English composition to my classmates, for the first time...

Expert Voice: It's not too late to discover your talent

Every individual has a talent. Talents can be artistic, technical, social, physical or mental. One can be a talented introvert or extrovert. Learning to search for your talent is a...

We should use literature to develop our reading culture

Literature in English is offered by very few schools in this country and there are few students doing the subject. Many of our students find it hard to read passages,...