Rwandan students compete at global debate competition

Bryan Manzi,16, Kassy Irebe, 16 and Ivan Kamali Rudakubana, 17, were the first team to represent Rwanda in the World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC) held in Stuttgart, Germany, recently.

Book Review: 'The Rwanda Crisis - History of a Genocide, 1959-1994'


On July 19, 1994, a new government led by the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) was sworn in Kigali. This turn of events was preceded by the Genocide that left close...

Parents: Who are the best tutors?


Twenty-eight-year-old Anne Mbabazi is a parent residing in Kimironko, Kigali. Her five-year-old daughter is in top class at a nearby school and only reunites with her mother later in the...

Headed for university? Here are tips to help you cope


High school graduates are gearing up for the start of university studies. Needless to say, the expectations and excitement at the prospect of new experiences and opportunities in the soon-to-be...

Does homework contribute to academic success?

Every school day brings something new, but there is one status quo most parents expect: homework. The old adage that practice makes perfect seems to make a lot of sense...

What your curriculum shouldn't miss

It is common knowledge that every child has the right to education. Additionally, Rwandan law provides details for what you are entitled to learning, the amount of time and the...

Use the holiday to learn new skills

There are plenty of productive ways through which you can spend your holiday that can be fun, relaxing and helpful for your career or physical, social or mental wellbeing.

Of envying the 'Special Cases'

There were those of us who were ordinary. We had ordinary looks, ordinary lives and even suffered from ordinary diseases. We were generally known as and we referred to ourselves...

Rwandan student wins Koran recitation competition


Rwanda’s Said Dushimiyimana emerged the overall winner of a recent Koran recitation competition held in Gicumbi District.

New journalism curriculum to improve competency of practitioners - Njuguna


The University of Rwanda is working on a policy to reduce the duration of courses in certain schools. Among these is the School of Journalism and Communication, where officials want...

How internet is eclipsing the appetite for print


Countless printing media houses have closed shop in recent times and libraries are not as vibrant as was the case half-a-century back before the advent of electronic media.

Planning to commit a crime is punishable

Most people think that punishment occurs only when someone is found guilty of committing a crime. However, this is not entirely true. A person can also be punished for conspiracy...

Teachers' Platform: Evening classes should be handled with extra care

High enrollments, conflicting student work schedules, and the sheer convenience of once-a-week classes have pushed many universities to schedule evening courses.

Expert Voice: Join a social group with a positive agenda

A social group is a collection of people who interact with each other and share similar characteristics and a sense of unity with some common goals. It’s therefore essential to...

School Memories: Mrs Nkuba's procedure for rapid healing

Falling sick at school was a big misfortune because if you did, you would be taken to the school clinic which we called the sickbay.

Holiday coaching: When is it necessary?


In a few days to come, students will break off for the second term holiday. The intention is to relax from routine schoolwork. Unfortunately, as many plan to spend time...

Are phones a blessing or curse for students?


The digital age is here, and with it, the craze to own a smartphone is growing by the day. The one constant in all this is that the trend is...

Librarians are key pillars in education

It has been rightly predicted that the digital age will not only wipe public bookshelves clean, but also permanently end the old era of libraries.

Don't let your dilemma shape your destiny

Family problems are an inevitable part of the daily challenges that we encounter in life often causing us some level of stress.

When crime is committed under provocation

John and Derrick are seated together in class. Their teacher brings back results of their test and John sees that Derrick has scored zero per cent.

School Memories: Getting rid of Mr Kapepsi

It was a public secret that Mr Kapepsi, our maths teacher, was at least two decades older than he said he was. Never in our lives had we seen a...

Performance: Why distance to school matters


Gone are the days when students used to walk miles to access school, thanks to the emergence of alternative means of transport like school buses and private cars.

School Memories: Of the rich, the poor and the pretentious

We had three major categories of students. There were rich students. They would arrive from their mansions seated alone in the back of big tinted cars. Their underpaid, exhausted and...

Reflections of a liberated teacher

As I mused over liberation this week, my mind relentlessly wondered into the philosophy of true liberation. Fully burdened with the question of personal liberation, two liberated educators’ works constantly...