What to do if you are raped

A few years ago, an innocent girl who constantly complained about painful periods was wrongly advised by a boyfriend that the only way to overcome the pain was to have...

School Memories: Desdemona wasn't some

I revere William Shakespeare. After reading Romeo and Juliet, for quite a while, I walked around obsessively looking for an opportunity to say, What's in a name? That which we...

Why are students sharing beds in universities?


An investigation carried out last week by The Education Times, in several halls of residence and hostels belonging to different institutions has revealed that hundreds of university students around the...

Inspiring a reading culture in schools

Expressly, reading is very fascinating. Oh yes it is! For the time I have read books, I have found it really interesting and every other time I read a book...

Teachers' platform: Teachers should inspire, empower learners

Young people enjoy learning when their teachers use the right techniques of teaching. Over the years, I have observed that students establish rapport with the teachers who fully address their...

Star of the Week: Mugisha preaches the gospel of cleanliness

Lycée de Kigali is one place where you will find students dressed smartly in their uniforms. As a result, it is easy to think that the school administration perhaps has...

From the Editor: Once again, students challenge us

In this week's main story, we bring to you the results of an exclusive investigative piece that indicates that some students in the country's higher institutions of learning share beds!...

Book Review: No Longer at Ease by Chinua Achebe

No Longer at Ease is another interesting novel by Chinua Achebe. It is set in the 1960's at the time of African independence from European colonialism.

School Memories: Of pests and pestilences

If I had gone to a strange school; a school where I knew nobody and nobody knew me, I would have had a rough time at the beginning. But eventually,...

Know Your History: Mulindi where RPF did most of the planning during the struggle

Have you ever been to Mulindi, also known as Umulindi w'Intwari' before? If so, did you know that this hill in the current Mulindi sector, Gicumbi district in the Northern...

Students of Lycee de Kigali discuss abortion

Umuhoza Tumukunde I have heard some people argue on radio that abortion is good if someone was raped but I totally disagree with that view. I believe whether one was...

Risks of induced abortion

Physical risks Abortion carries the risk of significant complications such as bleeding, infection, and damage to organs. Serious medical complications occur infrequently in early abortions, but increase with later abortions.

Utubindi twa Rubona: Rwanda's hidden past


About four kilometres off the main Kayonza-Nyagatare road in Tubindi village of Gatsibo District is a cluster of holes drilled in form of pots, but without necks and rims.

Late coming in school: Should students be sent back home?


It is the early bird that catches the worm. The moral behind this saying is simply routed in time management and the benefits that come with keeping time.

How to overcome education anxiety

Usually, as school opens, the excitement that springs from reunion of students is almost met with the same quantum of home-sickness that hover over the learners' belonging and feeling.

Carnegie Mellon University (Rwanda): Going beyond degrees


On July 24, the first masters' intake graduated from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) two years after the programme started. Ranked among the 25 top higher learning institutions globally, the university...

Literacy: Rwandan students simply won't find time to read in English


Amola Umukani is a Senior 4 student, but has never read a single fiction story written in the English language. I've never read a fiction story in English, she says.

How to utilise the holiday effectively


The holiday is around the corner. And this means students will have time off from the usual school routine to relax and share a great deal of time with family,...

Mukarutamu left a career in accounting for a blackboard


She stands close to the chalk board with a beaming smile. As if to grab the learners' attention, Domitile Mukarutamu cracks a joke and the class bursts into laughter.

Dakar education resolutions: How is Rwanda fairing?


The six education goals set out at a global education forum in Dakar, Senegal, in April 2000, are within reach in Rwanda, education officials say.

INSPIRATION:In pursuit of success


This week I was reminded about the title of one sermon I listened to a couple of years back, titled ‘the most popular word.’ The entire congregation’s anxiety levels increased...

Teacher’s mind:Career guidance is still a major problem


Last week I found myself in an interesting conversation with a former student of mine. Thanks to Facebook he was (and so was I) happy to link up and had...

Education for development

I was born and bred in one of the East African countries and feel proudly so. I have been fairly educated and feel good about it; however over the years...

Who will employ fresh graduates?

This week I want to pose a pertinent question: Where will fresh graduates get job-market experience? The trends in the labor market are so worrying even to an extent of...