KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Your best interests are to be upheld

Article 45 of the constitution of Rwanda states: “all citizens have the right to participate in the government of the country, whether directly or through freely chosen representatives, in accordance...

SCHOOL MEMORIES: The ruin of June

In the month of June, the rain would halt and the sun would come out. It would come out like a convict on a vengeance spree after an escape. And...

Entrepreneurship skills: Learned in school or inborn?


With growing preference for self-employment over formal work, many people from different backgrounds are thriving in business today.

Instill a positive attitude for better performance

Taking a cow to the well is not a guarantee that it will drink water. Simply put, a cow and a well have no relationship unless thirst is brought into...

Why your handwriting could cost you that dream job


Having a good handwriting is an enviable attribute, especially as a student. However, with the birth of computers, not so many people make any effort to improve their handwriting skills...

Schools urged to embrace skills labs and business clubs


Since a skills lab and business clubs were introduced at Ecole Secondaire Nyamirama in Kayonza District along with the competence –based curriculum this year, students no longer regard what they...

SCHOOL MEMORIES:The death of my acting career

Curtains were opened. No sooner had the curtains been opened than the main actor pointed at me and said in a furious tone, “This cow did not die of natural...

Expert Voice: Learn how to manage your anger

Dear counsellor, I completed my secondary school level recently, and I wanted to join a business institution because of my passion for business courses. However, my parents are not in...

Book Review

With Purple Hibiscus, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie illustrates yet again her mastery of narrative composition detailing a heart breaking story of domestic violence and religious fundamentalism.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Rights of child delinquents

This piece of writing pertains to the rights of those children who commit crimes. It therefore seems quite necessary to first point out that this information is not meant to...

How to help slow learners cope in class


It is a heartbreaking experience for a student to be in class day after day but fail to keep up with what the teacher is teaching, especially not because they...

Skills development: Vocational training remains the answer


The recently concluded World Economic Forum saw thousands of people from across the globe come to Rwanda. A lot of things were discussed and resolutions were made to see that...

Embrace moral education for a better Rwanda

Ours is an era of evil prejudices, cheap bigotry, dark vengeance, and critical moral degeneration, to say the least. It is a world of ethnic, racist, regional and border violence....

Five Riviera students scoop scholarships to study abroad


Five students from Riviera High School have won scholarships to study abroad in different universities after they excelled in last year’s Senior Six national examinations.

SCHOOL MEMORIES: Of succeeding but only in a dream

My Biology teacher told me that I was stupid. Okay she didn’t say it in those exact words. But when she caught me talking in class, she said, “I wish...

Expert Voice: Setting goals will help you stay focused

Dear counsellor, I always hear people talk about setting goals. How important is it to have goals in one’s life. I believe this is something I can also embrace. Kindly...

Book Review: Title: What Makes Africans Laugh?


What Makes Africans Laugh? is woven around the life of James R. Tumusiime (the author) as an entrepreneur in humour, media and culture.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: The right to a clean environment

Rwanda is a very clean country. Its cleanliness is one of the many things that impress visitors, especially those who come from other countries.

Are schools losing the war on drug abuse?


Despite the stringent measures in place to curb substance abuse, many teenagers continue to engage in the vice. Some students are reported to go as far as hiding drugs in...

How to make the most of your internship

With classes and exams wrapping up at most colleges and universities in the coming weeks, many students will turn their attention to various jobs and internships. While some students anticipate...

New University of Kigali students tipped on success


Students have been advised to change their mindset as they join the University of Kigali for their higher education.

Akilah, partners celebrate success in skilling women

It was a night of interaction and networking between students and various stakeholders in business as Akilah Institute for Women celebrated its collaboration with partners.

High school students urged on role in decision making


Students should be given an opportunity to play a role in decision making regarding the issues that affect them. The remarks were made by Erica Gateka, the founder of IAmHer...

Teachers trained in basics of smart classrooms


As part of the drive to promote Made-in-Rwanda products, 24 teachers from schools around the country, yesterday, received training on smart classrooms during a workshop organised by Africa Smart Investments...