Homing home

Meet Babi the Bird, who loves to go on holiday every year. When the cold weather sets in and there is just not enough food or the variety has lessened,...

Holiday revision tips for candidates


As candidates enjoy their holidays, they will also be preparing to climb the next ladder in their academic journey. But for one to succeed, they should know that how they...

Are schools doing enough for learners with special needs?


G.S Institute Filippo Smaldone in Nyamirambo, a Kigali suburb, provides inclusive education where pupils with hearing problems and some with mental disabilities study with their normal counterparts. In P1 and...

Holidays: Would you let your child stay away from home?


Kenia Kaze is an 11 year old pupil. She usually spends her holidays with the maid as her parents have to be away at work most of the time. Her...

Mindset change and support from teachers will help

We’re all distinctively intelligent, with different strengths, talents and learning potentials. This is consistent with increasing research which asserts that there exists a multitude of intelligence levels among people and...

Students should find time to revise during the holiday

End of term breaks are a time when high school students clear their heads, relax a little and stretch their brains in different ways. However, letting a study routine slip...

Origins of ordinary things: The refrigerator

Having an ice-cold drink on a hot day is one of the most refreshing feelings. But for one to access such a drink, it has to be refrigerated first.

The right to a democratically elected president

This week, Rwandans aged 18 and above cast votes to elect a President who they believe represents the interests of all Rwandans, young and old. The right to elect a...

The perfect planet

Where is it? The answer is you are standing on it or what is left of it! To demonstrate that this home of ours was well architectured up to the...

Bad grades: How best should parents give feedback?


Students will soon be breaking off for holidays, and as the tradition, each will be given a report card indicating how they have performed. Also in these report cards will...

Reduce the pressure on teachers to promote efficiency

To say that the teaching profession is demanding is quite an understatement. In any one teaching day, you not only teach overcrowded classes, but must also manage behavior, plan lessons,...

Focus on your other abilities to stay upbeat

I know what it’s like to feel the discomfort, embarrassment and anguish of teenage acne, often leading to low self-esteem. Don’t freak out when you feel that your pimples make...

Origins of ordinary things: Photo albums

Before camera phones, facebook, Instagram and other modern innovations came to be, making use of photograph albums was the best way to keep memories alive.

19 women graduate with skills in tailoring and craft making


Nineteen vulnerable women last Sunday graduated with skills in tailoring and craft making, in Remera, Kigali, following the successful completion of a one-year course.

The right to intellectual property

The most distinguishing feature between human beings and other animals is that human beings have the ability to innovate.

How to build your child’s self-esteem


Eshimwe Cynthia, a 12-year-old pupil, says she is always scared of answering questions in class especially when it requires her to walk to the front.

Tell your father about your situation

When one’s mother dies and another woman takes over her position in the name of a step-mum, life becomes a hassle and seemingly oppressive.

How to motivate students to learn

Nothing is as devastating to a teacher as a classroom filled with indifferent students utterly devoid of ambition.

The right to birth registration

According to article 9 of Nº32/2016 of 28/08/2016 of the law governing persons and family, everyone begins to enjoy his/her civil rights as soon as they are conceived.

Spiritual matters: How important are they to learners?


Although each and every student is brought up in a different background, students whose parents and teachers groom them spirituality perform well at school and later in life.

Parenting: How you can get more involved in your child’s school life?


Getting involved in your child’s school life is important for any parent who is committed to raising an all-round child. But some parents find it hard to play this noble...

Best English spellers crowned


The best English spellers at secondary school level were last weekend crowned with Riviera High School’s Abdulkarim Mugisha taking the top accolade. The event, which took place at Riviera High...

Why every teacher should have excellent communication skills

Today’s teaching is far less about delivering content and more about facilitating and guiding discovery of information. This can only be done through effective communication skills, without which, education becomes...

How to deal with students with disability at school?

Bernard Mugisha was born with eyesight impairment. He is now a graduate with a well-paying job in a top organisation. He recalls his academic journey as challenging.