What first phase of quality education campaign achieved


Offices at the Ministry of Education were closed early last month as top officials in the Ministry, and all affiliated institutions, embarked on a tour to assess the quality of...

Don't be a loner, everybody needs friends

Dear counsellor, lately everybody around me at school has been saying I am anti- social and I love to isolate myself.

Origins of ordinary things: Religion

There are countless religions around the world, the most dominant ones being Christianity and Islam.

Declaration of birth

In order to fully enjoy the civic rights of Rwandan citizenship, every child must have their birth declared so that they receive proper documentation.

Using distinguished instruction in the classroom

Like Albert Einstein said, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it...

Young girls challenged to rise to their full potential

Young girls have been urged to pursue their dream careers, no matter the price, in order to break the stereotypes that some careers are male only fields.

University students tipped on reproductive health


As the population in Rwanda grows, resulting in imbalance of economic variables such as health, nutrition, education, housing and employment, higher learning institutions and students have been urged to steer...

Discipline; why it should be a concern for everyone


Athanasie Vuguziga, a literacy teacher at Lit Club in Kayonza District, Eastern Province, says that for the last eight years she has been in the teaching profession, the toughest and...

Discover the meaning of words that begin with prefix ab

In cases of complicated words, you need to remember that English evolved from several other languages, especially Latin and Greek.

Shapes and sizes

Pear shaped figures versus apple shapes are the trending terms for describing women’s various body shapes.

Do we understand the concept of learning?


Many students continue with their quest for knowledge even after the customary stages of education, taking on further learning for that purpose.

EDUCATION: Are teachers losing the moral compass?


Back in the day, teachers were a yard stick for measuring good morals in society. They were hailed as role models and society held them in high esteem. It was...

Extra charges in schools; Why gov’t issued new guidelines


Christine Umumararungu, 17, born in Ngororero District dropped out of school after completing Senior Three. She had been studying for free for the past nine years after explaining to the...

Back to school: Early preparation key to academic success


The beginning of the term is always a sensitive period for schools, especially when it comes to ensuring that teachers and students settle in well and prepare adequately for the...

Japan to build Rwf68m dormitory for Ruhango school


The government of Japan has extended a grant worth $81,857 (over Rwf68m) to build a dormitory for Saint Joseph Nzuki, a Ruhango-based catholic vocational training school.

Rwandan well-wishers in Canada boost kindergarten education


In the rugged hills of Ruhango District’s border with Karongi District in Southern and Western provinces at Kavumu is a kindergarten that was built by three Rwandans in Canada under...

Managing a counterproductive learning environment: What works, what doesn’t?

For many “old-school” teachers and parents who grew up in an age of greater conformity and fear-based authority, the culture of our schools is in dire straits because they believe...

Origins of ordinary things: The wedding ring

The wedding ring, a small round band worn on the third finger of the left hand, is the most pronounced way that people let others know that they are married....

The right to a clean environment

Rwanda is renowned for its clean streets, zero tolerance for careless waste dumping and outlawing the use of environmentally harmful products such as polythene bags. This is in line article...

The need for a common lingo between education and working life

One Rwandan elder once said about the current developments in Rwanda, that the sky rocketing education system and the increasing number of graduates should be greatly commended for the country’s...

Discover the meaning of words with ‘sub’

Over 60 per cent of all English words have Greek or Latin origin. In the vocabulary of the sciences and technology, the figure of words originating from Greek or Latin...

Things that defy time!

Do you know why your sweetheart calls you honey? Perhaps, because she or he hopes against hope that you will last as long as honey. Honey (read bees’ vomit) has...

Double-shift phase out; are schools prepared?


As students resume classes this week, some changes were made by the Ministry of Education. For instance, at primary level, students will have to study eight hours per day yet...

Education is important for your development

All parents want their children to succeed in life and they’re biologically pre-conditioned to love and support them unconditionally, and achieving this includes giving a child quality education.