Martyrs SS commemorate Genocide


Martyrs Secondary School community last Saturday held activities to commemorate the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. At the event, students were urged to shun evils of hatred and genocide ideology...

Use high-order thinking questions to promote learning in higher institutions

Using questions to teach is an age-old practice and has been a cornerstone of education for centuries. The concern, however, is on whether today’s teacher use the questions tactfully to...

Mnemonics: Smell your memory!

Can we possibly? If we can ably use all the other senses to enhance our memory then why can’t we smell our way into learning? I totally believe that although...

Talk to your teacher openly over the matter

Every child deserves love and security in the hands of their teachers and parents. Teacher-parental home conflicts are two separate entities that need to be differentiated on professional grounds.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: In case of divorce

Every child deserves to grow up in a happy, loving home with both parents. But this isn’t always the case; sometimes parents come to an impasse and decide to end...

Origins of ordinary things: Backpacks

Backpacks are cool, there is no doubt about that. They ease the load and reduce the inconvenience of carrying school materials while simultaneously giving you an edge. If you have...

EDUCATION: Dealing with gifted students in the class


Abdulkarim Mugisha, now in senior three at Riviera High School, Kigali, was the best pupil countrywide when he sat his primary exams in 2014. Even after joining high school, he...

English teachers discuss new methodologies


Teachers from across Africa and beyond, last week met in Kigali to deliberate on ways to improve teaching of English. The meeting brought together over 300 participants from Africa, Middle...

Mnemonics: Tricks of the English trade

Are you struggling with remembering the spelling of words? Sigh no more as the answer lies in this article! There are many rules that, when learntproperly, can aid your memory...

It’s a good idea to work as you study

The way you use your time determines who you are, what you’ll accomplish and ultimately how you spend the rest of your life because time is an irreplaceable asset. Although...

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: You have the right to choose your leaders

Leadership is a very important aspect of every society. Leaders can create order and effect growth or they can lead to chaos. This is why it is important to learn...

Origins of ordinary things: Calculators

As you get promoted to higher levels of education, mathematical topics become more and more complex. Your fingers, toes, sticks and other methods stop being enough. At this point, you...

Why the curriculum should relate to life outside the class


One question many students pose today is how relevant what they are studying is to the realities outside classroom.

Why schools should embrace play-based teaching approach


Osama Ukwishatse, a Primary Five pupil at Remera Catholique II in Kigali says he finds the traditional system of learning exclusively on the chalk board hectic and boring. He thinks...

Rwanda to host educators from across Africa


Kigali is fast becoming the go-to destination for events linking industry practitioners and it is more than just the pristine streets and emerald vistas which make Rwanda ideal. In fact,...

Memonics: I give up! on maths!

Research has proven that Mathematics is not difficult, it is just that students do not want to persevere or ‘stay with’ a problem or formula long enough to get it.

Try getting a scholarship or bursary

Paying school fees in time is ideal to every student because it allows one to concentrate on academics other than suffocating yourself with school fees payment worries.

Patience is a trait every teacher should possess

Ever taught a class of students who never seemed to understand the simple common knowledge concepts despite your varied methods and a thousand emphatic repetitions? Haven’t we all?

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: The right to protection from defilement

As a person below the age of eighteen, you are by law considered as a child. Because of that, it is illegal to be engaged in any activity that has...

Origins of ordinary things: Shoes

It is nearly impossible to come across barefooted people on the streets today. Shoes now constitute a vital part of our everyday attires. The most basic importance of shoes is...

Are schools ready to implement digital education?


The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Education policy that was approved on April 27, 2016 emphasises the need to equip learners with the necessary tools to fully embrace digital...

Rwandan student scoops Cambridge Outstanding Learners Award


Bruce Gashirabakye, a student at Nu-Vision High School has won the Outstanding Learners Award in the Cambridge International Examinations, one of the world’s most prestigious academic awards.

Experts call for more focus on special needs education


Issues concerning persons with disabilities have to be put at the forefront if the East African region is to accomplish the sustainable development goals, Inter-University Council stakeholders have said.

Break it up regularly

The words “Let’s take a break!’ or ‘It’s break time!’ whether they are heard at school or in a meeting are always welcome.