Performance: Why distance to school matters


Gone are the days when students used to walk miles to access school, thanks to the emergence of alternative means of transport like school buses and private cars.

School Memories: Of the rich, the poor and the pretentious

We had three major categories of students. There were rich students. They would arrive from their mansions seated alone in the back of big tinted cars. Their underpaid, exhausted and...

Reflections of a liberated teacher

As I mused over liberation this week, my mind relentlessly wondered into the philosophy of true liberation. Fully burdened with the question of personal liberation, two liberated educators’ works constantly...

Right to protection from preventable illnesses

As a child, you have a right to a healthy life. This is stipulated in paragraph one article 44 of law no. 54/2011 of 14/12/2011 relating to the rights and...

Revision: Are past papers still relevant?


Back in the day, the use of past exam papers was the norm when it came to revision for examinations. But with the digital revolution, most students are turning to...

Akilah Institute's best entrepreneurship student awarded Rwf2 million


Last week, five entrepreneurship students of Akilah Institute for Women faced off in a competition that saw the winner walk away with Rwf2 million.

Career choice: What is the role of parents, teachers?


It is common to meet university students pursuing courses just because their parents dictated so or for the sake of acquiring a degree or diploma qualification.

The new competence-based curriculum a richer approach

Debates over the contributions of education to unemployment have raged for years without any signs of abating. The most cogent argument raised by many has been that the theoretical curriculum...

Street kids supported with reading materials


Imagine we Rwanda and Mind Leaps Rwanda have donated a consignment of books to street kids in a drive aimed at empowering children to improve their writing and reading skills.

Rwandan wins public speaking contest in Nairobi

Joshua Tahinduka, the president of the 1Rwanda Toastmasters Club, last Saturday beat 19 other speakers from the region to emerge winner of the Best of Toastmasters East Africa (BOTEA) speech...

Expert Voice: Attend class regularly to boost your confidence

I have come to realise that I have exam fever. Every time we are expecting exams I always feel sick or deeper anxiety, and this eventually affects my performance. How...



For any reader in our contemporary times seeking knowledge on the issues surrounding the long running conflicts in Rwanda, Rwanda Conflict, offers one of the best researched reads on library...

SCHOOL MEMORIES: Of our brand of Prophet Elijah

There was Prophet Elijah of the Bible times and then there was Prophet Elijah of our school time. Both of them were powerful men of God.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: How criminal offenses are dealt with

It’s human nature to get angry when someone wrongs you. When you get angry, you start to think of all the ways to seek justice for the wrong done to...