Why public libraries are the pulse of community literacy


Government is involved in various activities such as the Rwanda Reads project that attracts book publishers, non-governmental organisations and schools (students) in competitions tailored towards improving the reading culture.

Promote history and museum study visits in schools

The impact of home grown solutions, if not well catered for and imparted into young generations, will soon die in the near future. Rwanda has emerged from scratch and painful...

Schools, teachers awarded for work readiness skills

Eleven schools and 33 teachers who demonstrated outstanding commitment and results in the implementation of the second phase of Akazi Kanoze programme have been awarded.

Expert Voice: Study groups enhance performance

Dear counsellor, I believe in team work, but my fellow students have refused to embrace it. I believe it can help us reap big in our academics, so how do...

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: How a student is expected to behave

It goes without saying that every child in Rwanda has a right to education. However, in order for your right to education to go on without any interference, there are...

SCHOOL MEMORIES: Hiding my report card

I took one look at my report card and I decided that there was no way I was going to allow my parents to see it. I knew that they...

Nurturing exceptional talent in children starts at home


Ever encountered a child who exhibited an intrinsic motivation to learn, explore and had an intense persistence and need to prove themselves?

Valuing teachers: How much is a good teacher worth?

Aristotle, the famous philosopher, had it that:“Those who educate children well are more to be honoured than parents, for these only gave life, those the art of living well.” The...

Schools win greenhouses in 'Farming is Cool' initiative


As part of its ‘Farming is Cool Rwanda’ initiative, Balton Rwanda recently rewarded the first set of schools for embracing agriculture as a feasible career option.

Expert Voice: Extensive reading will offer you a lot

Dear counsellor, I am in Form Four, I study to my level best, but the results are still not as impressive as I wish. What can I do to become...

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Care for children with HIV/AIDS

Unlike the olden days, acquiring HIV/AIDS is not a death sentence. No matter how you acquire the virus, you can still live a long and healthy life. As a child,...

SCHOOL MEMORIES: Of initiation night in Keino House

If, like me, you had a string of bad luck following you around, you were assigned to Keino House. Among other things, Keino had a reputation for housing girls with...