Being multilingual offers more career options


Our history is one that Rwandans have always been united by one language, Kinyarwanda. With colonisation came introduction of French, and with the 1994 liberation came English. We saw the...

Taking stock of the TVET targets


With just a year left to the finish line, some people could be wondering whether the set targets for technical and vocational education (TVET) will be met. The plan by...

New incentives to boost teachers' welfare

Methuselah Ndapateze, a former teacher at ESECOR in Western Province, says life was hard during the eight years he spent in the profession.

Protection from consuming alcohol

Of the things that could derail you or your friend from achieving your full potential, alcohol is one of the most dangerous.

Teachers' Platform: Are universities giving us a raw deal?

The main purpose of higher learning institutions, primarily universities, is to have a two-pronged approach in the search of knowledge to develop the highest degree of creative thought and to...

School Memories: The mother of all scandals

Mrs Marembo, the discipline teacher, was the queen of self-righteousness. She was always hovering over us, correcting us. But it wasn’t so much correcting as it was relentless criticism; at...

How to deal with school fees payment woes


Giving a child the best in life is every parent’s dream but achieving this comes with quality education. Obviously, a good school is the necessary tool for cementing a strong...

Green Hills Academy students tipped on cultural values


Last Saturday, a group of Senior Six students from Green Hills Academy together with their staff visited a historical site in Gasabo District, a place where many believe Rwanda originated.

High level meeting to discuss Education 2030 Agenda with quality educators

On Monday next week during a high-level conference in Israel, experts will share best practices and experiences from Israel and other countries in pursuit of quality education. Issues of in-service...

You shouldn't be discriminated against

Under Rwandan law, all children are equal and it is expected that every child will be cared for and protected to the full extent of their rights.

What kind of teacher are you?

A good teacher is characterised by numerous qualities which make it possible for them to do their job well. Without a doubt, every teacher comes with his/her own unique blend...

School Memories: Our own kind of Valentine's Day

Most of us didn’t have boyfriends. There were many reasons why. Some of us were afraid that our parents would find out and treat us to a good caning. See...