Talent: 11-year-old Upadhyay on her passion for music


Divyanshi Upadhyay is a primary six pupil of Excella School in Kimironko, Gasabo District who has made a name for herself thanks to her passion for music. The 11-year-old started...

Riddles to boost creative thinking


Q. What goes up a chimney down, but doesn’t go down a chimney up? A. An umbrella.

What do you know about yourself?

1. Who’s your best friend, and is he or she helping you in your life? 2. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Why I like doing household tasks

One time our class teacher taught about chores and how important it is towards our growth and development. It was obvious in my class that the majority of my colleagues...

What moves the real estate market?

In my view, I think real estate revolves around property, location, price (basing on budget), stability and opinion of a person buying the property. The property is mostly referred to...

Why we must all fight global warming

Global warming refers to the general increase of temperature on the earth’s surface. Global warming has different causes and effects on people, animals and plants in general. In this article,...

Innovation: 14-year-old pupil making paper charcoal


The 14-year-old says when he hatched the idea last year it seemed like a joke and a bit childish. At some point, his parents thought it was wastage of time,...

Diet coke and mentos explosion

You will need diet coke and mentos for this experiment to work.

Five reasons your kids should attend Sunday School


Life can be hectic, and if you find it challenging just to make it to the worship service at your church, you might not be even be able to think...

Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o: An icon of African literature

Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o (Gikuyu pronunciatio; born 5 January 1938) is a Kenyan writer, formerly working in English and now working in Gikuyu.

Radisson Blu Hotel brings Christmas to former street kids


To spread the holiday cheer, Radisson Blu Hotel last week hosted a luncheon for over 120 children from Centre Cyprien et Daphrose Rugamba, Mai Childhood Academy popularly known as ‘Kwa...

New Year must-have goals for every student


The New Year is a great time to reflect on the changes you want to or need to make. As a student look at ways to improve yourself, set goals...

The young rich author

Cyusa was 21 years old and his dream was to become a big author. He loved to write and read books every time. He had already written some books. He...

Creative thinking with riddles



Starch power experiment

For this starch power experiment, you will need only three things to make it work; some water, a bowl and cornstarch. The first step is to put some cornstarch in...

Learners on goals students should set to succeed in the new year

Being confident and believing in one-self has helped many to excel. So this New Year it’s important that every pupil embraces self-confidence and passion in their studies. Confidence gives energy...

Kigali Marriott hosts children to Christmas party


Kigali Marriott Hotel staff last week visited Masaka District Hospital and threw a Christmas party to bring hope to sick children being taken care of at this hospital. The party...

Kali the young entrepreneur


In a small village called Bweje in the country of Jungu, there lived a father and a mother who had two children. The first born was called Kali and the...

Creative communication: Learn idioms


l Get cold feet - Be nervous l A rip off - Too expensive

Jack the sailor

In the ancient times there were some sailors who lived in a village called Rulindo. The village was near an Island. One day a smart and wise sailor called Jack...


You will need two glasses of water, one with hot water(A), another one with cold water(B) and two types of liquid food colours.

Why is being social an important life value to children?

Being out-going can be shown by how you socially get along with others. For instance in the holidays we meet children from different places and schools, and through interaction with...

Holiday: Kids share experiences at Mutesi Kids Park


Lorene Akimana, 9, is busy driving his lane rover (a kid’s sports car) at Mutesi Kids Park ground based in Kicukiro District. This is around 10a.m during a short break...

Experiment corner!: The walking water


In this experiment what’s needed is; food colour (different colours, at least two), tissues, two half glasses of water and one empty glass.