Changing the narrative of African women in the media


For decades, African women have been portrayed negatively in the media. They are almost always objectified, victimized or are even connected to irrelevant topics that further portray them as helpless...

150 nominated for Smart Service Awards

Last year, on the night of December 18th, the inaugural Smart Service Awards went down at the Kigali Serena Hotel. It was not the most glitzy event one could have...

Sengazi on how he joined comedy

Michael Sengazi is a comedian with the comedy knight crew that he joined in 2010. Sengazi, who is half Rwandan and half Burundian, began as a poet, performing artist until...

Would you shoplift?

Have you ever shoplifted? Do you get the urge to shoplift? If your answer to the latter is yes, what kind of items are you tempted to steal?

What is a Meme?

A meme (pronounced mi:m) is “an element of a culture or system of behaviour passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means,” explained one online based...

20 somethings and their chaotic relationships

He didn’t propose. I bought an outfit and spent Rwf 30.000 on a surprise birthday party for my rich cousin at a fancy hotel. With that money, we ate a...

Meet Yvan Buravan, Rwanda's fast rising star


Rwanda’s music industry is constantly growing, with the rise of many young people with talent and skills. Yvan Buravan is one of such rising musical stars making waves in the...

Are you bullied at work?


Arianne Irakoze refers to her internship at a local media house as a horrible experience. She found herself in a twist with one of the news editors who made it...

I don’t want my dog to protect me, I want to protect my dog, says dog trainer El Rahim Jaffer


He is not sure how far back it goes, but El Rahim Jaffer says that many Rwandan’s views towards dogs aren’t encouraging. At least in past years. But he is...

Turn heads with a one shoulder dress

Fashion evolves and some trends have a way of making a comeback, like the one shoulder dress, for example. Just one of the many chic trends to add to your...


Rwandan female singer Neza Da SongBird is taking her music career to greater heights.

All set for ‘Kigali Farmers and Artisans Market - Christmas Edition’

Come November 25, the parking lot of Brioche Bread and Pastries in Kacyiru will transform into one huge market place for farmers and local artisans as the now monthly Kigali...

Wema Sepetu to grace KFM IG party


Former Miss Tanzania and social media entrepreneur, Wema Sepetu is set to host the first edition of KFM Instagram (IG) party.

Miss World: Iradukunda in last minute appeal for votes


Voting is underway on different social media platforms as the search for Miss World 2017 gets to the finish line. This year’s pageant is slated for Saturday, November 18, at...

Continental dance festival is back


The annual East African Nights of Tolerance (EANT), a contemporary dance festival is back. Founded in 2012, the festival is a week-long celebration of contemporary dance in Kigali.

Nkinzingabo set to launch photography centre


2017 has been a busy year for freelance documentary photographer Jacques Nkinzingabo. For three months (July-September), Nkinzingabo was in Germany where he took part in Documenta, a contemporary art exhibition...

Rain disrupts art exhibition at Iwacu re-opening


It was supposed to be a grand re-opening for the Iwacu Wellness Centre in Kagugu on Saturday, but a heavy downpour laid all the organizer’s plans to waste.

Mountain hiking takes root with Seven Summits Africa Hiking Challenge


'Today we start our second mountain hike out of our seven summits challenge, and Mt. Karisimbi is one of the mountains we’re taking on,' declared a beaming Sally Grierson from...

Uwihoreye wants to sell made in Rwanda products using E-commerce

With the increasing usage of technology, 24-year-old Leah Uwihoreye saw the unlimited chances for tech startup opportunities and decided to hatch her entrepreneurial dream.

Dear rich people

Chances are you won’t read this because you’re too busy doing things rich people do, like closing your umpteenth deal, mulling your next big investment or flying off to your...

Life’s tough questions

Who says that traffic jams are completely useless? Not at all.

The adult things I’m scared to face

On Monday evening, I attended to a few security details concerning my one bedroomed mansion.

Samputu in Korea for global cultural event


Kora award winner and peace activist, Jean Paul Samputu is among the lucky people who were selected to grace ‘Better Together’-a three-day international cultural event in Korea.

Singer Young Grace plots comeback


Singer and female rapper Grace Abayizera, known by the stage name Young Grace, is plotting her comeback with a countrywide album launch and a new song, which she has been...