Going the miles for the dignity of women


In the true sense of the word, Barbara Margolies comes out as a firm woman. There is an unmistakable element of seriousness about her. But all that is when you...

Mother and child care week impacts lives at Rutongo Hospital


Silvie Mukundwa, a resident of Masoro sector, Rulindo District, Northern Province, saw her 4-year-old son suddenly develop many symptoms such as running nose, watery eyes, swollen eyelids and sneezing.

How you can avoid pyschosomatic illness

Last week, the World Mental Health Day was observed, a day to create awareness among people regarding sickness which is not physical but due to affection of the mind, either...

Is excessive sweating a concern in society?

Excessive sweating is scientifically termed as hyperhidrosis. A few years ago I had a friend who moved around with the sweat that literally dripped off her hands.

Recipes for respiratory systems

There is nothing as indispensable for life as oxygen. No human being would be able to survive for more than a few minutes without receiving a sufficient amount of this...

My lips are always running dry

Dear doctor; My lips are always running dry despite drinking a lot of water. I take up to four glasses of water daily but still the lips keep pealing off....

How best can one spot breast cancer lump during self-test?

Dear doctor; How best can one spot breast cancer lump during self-test? A woman's breast usually has some lumps, more so for one breast feeding. Is only painful lumps that...

Can a baby be allergic to milk?

Dear doctor; Can a baby be allergic to milk? My neighbour's two week old baby throws up whenever given milk but takes soya meal well.

I have difficulty swallowing

Dear doctor; I have had difficulty swallowing for six days now. But the onset found me in the village and my relatives say something must be removed from my throat....

'Wonder drug' reduces HIV by 90%

A daily tablet that offers up to a 90 per cent reduction in the risk of contracting HIV could soon be available on the English National Health Services, in what...

Ebola: From human to economy killer


In the Chinese Province of Shandong, 22- year-old Flora Chen is sad; concerned about the raging Ebola virus that has forced her mother to cancel a planned holiday in East...

Why you should be wary of off the-shelf eyeglasses


For some, it is a fad. Wearing glasses with designer rims look cool, accentuate your sense of fashion and whatnot. For others, it is necessity.

Congenital syphilis still a grave concern

A 2013 study by international researchers published in PLOS Medicine shows that syphilis still affects large numbers of pregnant women worldwide, causing serious health problems and even death to their...

The tricky linkage between stress and immune depression

Evolution of modern medicine has led to the exclusion of skepticism between stress and physical health of our body system.

Recipes for the liver and gall bladder

The liver carries out multiple functions, detoxification being one of them in a still and quiet manner. A balanced and natural diet is of utmost importance to keep this organ...

Why high blood cholesterol is bad

Cholesterol, a yellow fatty substance, is useful for many metabolic functions. But a high blood level (hypercholesterolemia) is harmful for health.

Why does he doze so much?

Dear doctor; A workmate in office has a habit of dozing off. This usually happens in the early afternoons and it looks a bit awkward to some of us. He...

Will a septrin tablet a day help against infections?

Dear doctor; A friend says it is okay to take septrin tablet everyday. That when one takes a tablet daily, it helps against many forms of infections. How true is...

Drinking tap water upsets my stomach, but not other people

Dear doctor; Whenever I drink tap water, I get running stomach, but I have seen my neighbours drink the same water and not get any complications. Is there a problem...

Marburg fever cases in Uganda

The World Health Organisation (WHO) last week warned that Ebola is now entrenched in the capital cities of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone where 70 per cent of people are...

Schizophrenia: How costly misunderstanding the nature of mental illness can be to a patient


Last month, The Associated Press, a news agency, reported that a North Carolina inmate with mental illness who died of thirst was held in solitary confinement for 35 days and...

Hanging on with that eye defect only spells blindness


Francois Sinamenye lived with vision difficulties for a long time. Because of blurred vision, the 48-year-old taxi driver experienced hardships while on job. He constantly sought advice from his colleagues...

Vitamins and minerals can help improve your immunity

The immune system of an individual does a remarkable job to defend our body against microorganisms that infect or attack our bodies and cause diseases or infections.

Recipes for your arteries

Pumped by the heart the blood takes oxygen and nutrients via the appropriate ducts•arteries and capillary vessels•to all cells thought the organism.