Pollution: The 'invisible killer' we must face now


The World Health Organisation (WHO) recently launched a campaign dubbed ‘BreatheLife’ to make people more aware about the fact that air pollution – which it calls the invisible killer –...

Why exercising is important for pregnant women


The thought of exercising when a woman is expecting can be scary as some people think it poses a danger for both the mother and the baby’s health. This is...

Signs that you could be having an enlarged prostate


Enlarged prostate, is also medically called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). The prostate is a gland that surrounds the urethra (the tube that carries urine from the bladder out through the...

Effects of Pollution

Environment is the first casualty for increase in pollution weather in air or water.

I always wake up feeling thirsty


I feel dehydrated every morning despite being totally fine when going to bed the previous night. What causes this feeling? Erica

Does alcohol affect eyes?

My eyes pain me severely when I drink a lot of alcohol. Is there any connection between boozing and the functioning of eyes? Dennis

Junk food a big threat to your health

The term, “junk food”, was coined by Michael Jacobson in 1972. “Junk”, literally means something useless and worth throwing out. Various studies have shown that this type of food is...

Does sleeping long hours pose any risk?


Are there any dangers of sleeping for long hours? If so, what is the recommended time one should stay in bed? Rachel

Depression in women: A network of stressful events to break

Depression is a common and serious illness that negatively affects someone’s feelings, thoughts and actions. Depression affects an estimated one in 15 adults (6.7%) in any given year and one...

Is it okay to take painkillers daily?

I have been taking pain killers daily to deal with my headache. How safe is this? Angel

Hearing impairment: Who is more prone?


Just like poor vision or any other condition that needs medication, hearing impairment equally needs serious attention to avert bigger complications. Dr Rajab Mugabo, a senior ear neck and throat...

Bacterial vaginosis: A common health concern women must not take lightly


Bacterial vaginosis (BV) can be a daunting condition for women, especially those within the child-bearing age. The foul smell, itching, and pain associated with this condition, especially during urination or...

Get to know about gout arthritis


Gout is a form of arthritis. Arthritis literally means inflammation of one or more joints and is usually accompanied by pain and swelling in the affected joints. At first, gout...

I normally develop lumps in the breasts


I am aged 25. I normally develop painless lumps in my breasts once every six months and they disappear on their own. I have tested negative for cancer on several...

I get episodes of blurred vision


For about three years now I have been experiencing episodes of blurred vision that last about 3 minutes. My work involves using a computer daily and I am wondering if...

My nose itches when I take spirits

I am in my mid-30s. I experience periodic pain around my umbilical cord. What causes this and how do I deal with it? Lydia

Does getting circumcised prevent one from hernia?

I was told that I would never get hernia if I got circumcised, but the condition reappeared eight months after the procedure. Was I misled? James

Does getting circumcised prevent one from hernia?

I was told that I would never get hernia if I got circumcised, but the condition reappeared eight months after the procedure. Was I misled? James

Hand washing key to maintain good health

Hand washing is a very simple measure that is very useful for good health. Unclean hands become potential source for acquiring infections like flu, diarrhoeal diseases, staphylococcal infections, e.t.c. Gastroenteritis...

How mothers can protect their children from spina bifida

Last summer break, my friends and I got a chance of visiting University Teaching Hospital, Kigali (CHUK) during an event we had organized to support sick children. Later I visited...