Metabolic syndrome: Could you be at risk?


The importance of managing the metabolic syndrome has been emphasised in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Experts also warn that the risk for heart disease, diabetes and stroke increases with...

The other pollution

We are a modern day people constantly over stimulated by the environment. People walk in the streets with their eyes glued to their phone rather than greeting passers-by. Many blast...

Healthy feeding key for your child's growth

Adequate nutrition during infancy and early childhood is essential in ensuring the health and development of children to their full potential.

Why your baby needs regular paediatric check-ups


To maintain good health, timely medical diagnosis is needed to identify underlying illnesses and the causes within the human body.

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Does environmental health matter?

We have addressed so many facets of wellness this year: from readiness to change, to spiritual and emotional vitality, and the multidimensional aspects of mental and physical well-being.

Breast cancer in men

Whenever one talks about breast cancer, it is presumed to be a woman affected. But it also affects men is a lesser known fact. In the UK, about 350 men...

Are you at risk of getting leukemia?

Angelique Nyiramutarutwa, 30, suffered a severe headache and went for a check-up at King Faisal Hospital, Kigali, where she was diagnosed with leukemia.