Your posture can make or break your health

Posture (ergonomics) ranks high on the list when talking about good health. Without good posture, one’s overall health and total efficiency may be compromised. Because the long-term effects of poor...

Eat right for a glowing skin


To have a healthy skin, knowing what to eat and what to avoid is essential. Studies show that proper nutrition, to a large extent, guarantees one a healthy, youthful complexion...

Itchy lungs, a rare but equally risky health condition

Grace Nzaramba has been experiencing a rather unusual but worrying condition characterized by an unusual tendency of waking up on some nights wheezing due to a sudden shortness of breath...

Eat for your dosha

Ayurveda suggests that each of us is born with a natural constitution known as “prakritiā€; a unique combination of the elements that combine with our spirit and life force to...

Nose bleeding: Causes and treatment

Bleeding from the nose or epistaxis is a very troublesome problem. It is not only painful but causes much anxiety to the sufferer as well.

Obesity: Why is it on an upward trend?


In the olden days, obesity was common among old people. As they complained about the pain and complications caused by this lifestyle condition, young one’s looked on with an assumption...

Want to cut off that extra pound? Here is how to go about it


On a typical Friday afternoon, meeting groups of people jogging and packed fitness centres is a common sight around Kigali. Whereas for some it’s purely fun, this Friday gig is...

Why you need to have that Pap smear test


Lots of women dread visits to the gynecologist, while to some even the mere thought of it brings discomfort and feelings of awkwardness. And when it comes to needing a...

Yoga - taming the mind and body

June 21 is World Yoga Day, a day to remind people about benefits of yoga. Yoga is the combination of both body and mind. One does not need to go...

Irregular heartbeat more deadly in blacks - study

Black Americans with a common heart rhythm disorder are at higher risk than whites for serious heart complications and death, a new study finds.

Your concerns: Who is at risk of hepatitis B

Dear Doctor, Who is at risk of hepatitis B and in the event that one is affected, is there any treatment? Anitha

Your concerns: Why do I always have dandruff?


Dear Doctor, In spite of the fact that I shower every morning, I always find dandruff in my hair when I go for a haircut. What could be the cause...

Your concerns: Why do my tonsils swell when I jog?

Dear Doctor, My throat is itchy and the tonsils normally get swollen, especially when I jog. What could be the problem and how can I overcome it? Hamza

Your concerns: Does mixing coffee and tea pose health risks?

Dear Doctor, I like trying out new things. And of late, I am into mixing coffee and tea for breakfast. Does this pose any health risks? Angelique