Google's Inbox email app gets intelligent quick replies

Google today announced a new feature coming to its Inbox email app that will automatically suggest short replies for incoming messages. Dubbed Smart Reply, the new feature is designed to...

VIDEO: With ICT, Africa is running out of excuses for lagging behind - Kagame


With current advancements in information and communication technology (ICT), Africans don’t have excuses for mediocrity because they are able to access the same kinds of information that people elsewhere are...

Smart Africa: Kigali meet sets $300b target in ICT investments


The second Transform Africa summit concluded on a high note with an ambitious commitment to mobilise over $300 billion worth of investments in the ICT sector on the continent by...

VIDEO: Transform Africa 2015: Delegates share views on impact of summit


Transform Africa 2015 Summit ends today in Kigali. Under the theme, “Accelerating Digital Innovation,” the conference has offered a platform for dialogue and deal-making between governments and the private sector...

Digital inclusion for women: First Lady urges girls to be bold


First Lady Jeannette Kagame has called on girls in Africa continent to be bold enough and take on studies and careers in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to bridge the...

Develop relevant business models, ICT firms told


Growing digital lifestyle and technology uptake across the African continent will require corporations to have new business models that create value for consumers at the same time have valuable revenue...

Facebook in Kinyarwanda launched at Transform Africa meet


Language will no longer be a barrier to Rwandan users of social network Facebook following the launch of the Kinyarwanda app at the ongoing Transform Africa Summit which started in...

VIDEO: Transform Africa: Call for sustained digital revolution


Leaders have called for sustained efforts to improve the development and use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in Africa.

What next for African digital revolution?


As African countries continue to make strides in economic development facilitated by the digital revolution, it is emerging that aspects such as digital infrastructure, shortage of capital and skilled labour,...

ICT adoption to enhance service delivery


The adoption of technology and application of digital solutions has made it possible for the public sector to offer services in a fast and cost effective manner, at the same...

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for iPhone and iPad goes completely free

Adobe treated professional and aspiring artists alike with flurry of new apps and updates to its existing portfolio, creating an aura of excitement so intense that a key development went...

WhatsApp integrates Google Drive to make sure you never lose your photos, videos and chats


WhatsApp and Google announced a partnership today that sees the messaging app integrate Google Drive storage to make backing up and restoring chats easy.

Microsoft shows off its new confidence with the Surface Book


In the 20 months since Satya Nadella took over Microsoft, we've seen the company go through a lot of changes. Microsoft has slumped over the last decade and it's doing...

Edward Snowden joins Twitter and immediately throws shade at the NSA


Whistleblower Edward Snowden has officially come out of the shadows and joined Twitter using the handle @Snowden, which was verified within two hours of joining.

Google's new Nexus smartphones are worth getting excited about


Google showed off two new Nexus smartphones Tuesday: the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P. While some onlookers were skeptical going in to Tuesday's reveal, Google has managed to make...

Twitter is redesigning its follow and tweet buttons for the first time in years

After years of the familiar Twitter follow and tweet buttons scattered around the Web, the company is redesigning them to be flatter, attractive and work better.

Block annoying people with Gmail's new feature

Google wants to help you clean up your inbox with two new features: “Block Sender” and “Unsubscribe.” The block function is currently available via Gmail for web, and allows you...

Telecoms challenged to offer products that facilitate business operations


Telecom sector players have been challenged to develop innovative products that will help ease operations as well as reduce the cost of doing business.

New 4G Square to boost uptake


A new one-stop centre dubbed the “4G Square” was unveiled at the ground floor of the Grand Pension Plaza in Kigali on Wednesday in a bid to boost uptake of...

Gmail's 'Undo Send' feature finally graduates out of labs after six years


After what seems to have been the longest beta period ever, Google has finally graduated Gmail’s “Undo Send” option from labs into a permanent spot.

Two IT geeks out to end taxi-moto accidents


At the University Teaching Hospital of Kigali’s causality ward, Raymond Karamage, 26, is lying on a bed; his heavily bandaged left leg in a suspended position supported by cords.

Microsoft is rolling out a ton of new features for

Photo is getting a big revamp today. Microsoft is slowly rolling out a huge preview update for the email service.

Microsoft experts train youth on Windows Azure

Pascal Tuyishime, a Microsoft Developer Evangelist, recently conducted a class sponsored by Microsoft 4Afrika on the ’Windows Azure’ platform.

kLab is an innovators paradise - Pacifique Hallellua


Pacifique Hallellua heads the core team at kLab, an open technology and innovation hub where students, fresh graduates, entrepreneurs and innovators converge to work on ideas and projects to turn...