Too posh to breastfeed: Do you know the consequences?


Why would someone give birth, and walk out of the hospital to stock formula milk for a baby that is just weeks old? What happened to exclusive breastfeeding for the...

The future is bright for the Rwandan women, says UN expert


From a certified banker to an agricultural economist and advocate for gender and development, Clara Anyangwe’s passion to see transformation in women’s lives propelled her to join the gender and...

Eyebrows: To trim or not to trim?


We delight in the beauty of a butterfly but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty. Those are the words of the late great American...

Coping with hair loss


A woman’s hair is a mark of her femininity. To most women good hair is a reflection of beauty and high self-esteem. When a woman starts noticing hair loss, the...

Uwamahoro has weaved a career in sports journalism

Ariane Uwamahoro is a sports journalist with Rwanda Broadcasting Agency (RBA) and was the only female commentator at the recently concluded African Nations Championship (CHAN) tournament.

Ask the Doctor: I'm having a hard time getting pregnant again

Dear Doctor, my husband and I have been trying to have another baby for almost a year now. Our first will be three years old this year. However, it is...

Valentine's Day: What are you wearing?

With just a few days to Valentine’s Day, some women might be wondering what to wear in case there are plans to celebrate the day.

Would you take on your spouse's name?


Winnie Byanyima, the Executive Director of Oxfam International is a leader on women’s rights, democratic governance and peace building.

Stay focused on your dream - Young Grace


Grace Abayizera, commonly known as ‘Young Grace’, was the first female to ever try her luck at rapping and at only 23; she has already made her mark on the...

Ask the Doctor: Why did I miss my period?

Dear Doctor, I recently missed my period and thought I was pregnant. I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative. I took another a few days later and...

You can rock the boyfriend style

Boyfriend outfits are always baggy, loose and comfortable, for this reason; many may mistake them as attire that isn’t stylish and yet, that isn’t the case.

Grappling with sexual harassment in silence


It’s 9:00pm on a Friday night at a Kigali uptown bar. Patrons slowly stream in for the customary Friday night out to usher in the weekend. A team of attendants...

Uwamahoro on what it takes to be a shrewd entrepreneur


Nadia Uwamahoro is the founder of Data Systems Limited, a software company that creates mobile applications, including web applications, with branches in Uganda and Ghana.

Ask the Doctor: Can I have my baby at home?

I am five months pregnant with my first child. I have been watching videos of home births and I really think it is something I would like to do. My...

Boots: How to choose the right pair

Boots are a good choice, especially in cold weather. But pulling off a great look depends on how you choose a pair – does the pair go well with your...

Why more women are becoming football fans


It is a common saying that women loath football. Why would a normal person go crazy over 21 grown men running after a piece of rubber? This is the question...

Meet Umuhoza, the celebrity makeup artist


23-year-old Milly Umuhoza started out by applying makeup on her friends and family, but later turned her hobby into a career. The makeup artist has worked with many women, ranging...

Mani pedi: Giving your nails a treat

Many women love a visit to the nail salon, and for those whose natural nails are more on the short side, worry not, artificial nails are here to sort that...

Do you need a bridal shower before tying the knot?


When Maureen Ainembabazi offered to throw a bridal shower for her friend, she wasn’t aware that she would be responsible for more than just a cake, a couple of presents...

Contributing to people's wellbeing is a gift, says massage therapist Uwimbabazi


Women are indeed breaking boundaries in regards to embracing different professions. Women Today’s Donah Mbabazi caught up with Odette Uwimbabazi, a female massage therapist to describe what really entails massage...

The watch: Back in vogue


The wrist watch is a fashion accessory that is slowly making its way back. With the era of cell phones, many had dumped the watch because they could easily check...

[PHOTOS]: Mama Rwanda: Giving vulnerable mothers a new beginning


Behind the whirring sound of 11 tailoring machines inside a small makeshift workshop made of iron sheets is a story of perseverance and compassion.

Body piercing: A growing trend


Everyone attaches great value to something. For some, it’s shoes while others; it could be adventure or even stylish clothes. Other people will seriously argue that nothing beats their deep...

What are your New Year's resolutions?


The year is coming to an end, and it is around this time when most people try to set goals and resolutions for the coming year. Women Today’s Donah Mbabazi...