Empowerment: Why men should ‘walk in women’s shoes’


Women empowerment isn’t solely the responsibility of only females. The gender equality equation is incomplete without men. The adage ‘to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes’ makes so much...

Meet the women who beat all odds to make a difference in society


Despite the voices of skepticism, she believed in her instinct. She set up a book store despite the talk that it would not survive its first birthday in a country...

Taking gender equality to the next level


Yesterday, Rwanda joined the rest of the world to mark International Women’s Day under the theme Preserving the dignity regained. Internationally, it was celebrated under the theme Be Bold for...

Reproductive health: What every woman should know


RECENTLY, a cross-section of religious leaders convened to chart ways of addressing women reproductive health issues. The focus was on elimination of harmful practices that hinder women’s reproductive health rights.

Why is my baby no longer interested in breastfeeding?

Dear Doctor, My 3-month-old daughter no longer wants to be breastfed. She doesn’t seem sick and her temperature is normal. Is she just tired of it? Is there any supplement...