Family outcast: Dealing with the black sheep


Keza (not real name) has struggled with the fact that she has always been the black sheep in her family for almost her entire life. She was quiet and always...

If you fear risks, you will never do anything – Belinda Umurerwa


32-year-old Belinda Umurerwa is the true definition of a modern day woman; graceful but at the same time bold. Once a journalist, she is now an entrepreneur and the director...

Why don’t I have any pregnancy symptoms?

Dear Doctor, I just found out I am three weeks pregnant after doing two tests and they came out positive. What’s worrying me is I absolutely have no symptoms at...

[PHOTOS]: Nyamirambo Women's Centre: Giving hope to disadvantaged women


Orphaned at the age of 16, Fatina Umuhoza led a miserable life, characterised by the occasional lack of food and a decent place to stay.

Photography paved my way to self-employment - Kalisa


Vestina Kalisa always loved posing for the camera, but later, she turned her hobby into a career in photography, which also satisfied her goal to be self employed.