Optimism as Bugesera residents get new kindergarten block


Nyamata residents pose for a group photo at the new facility. The residents are optimistic that the new classrooms will boost pre-school education in the area. (Frederic Byumvuhore)

Parents in Kasebigege village in Nyamata sector, Bugesera District, have welcomed the newly-constructed nursery block saying it will help their kids attend pre-primary school near their homes.

The over Rwf38 million facility has three rooms, one office and water tank. It was constructed by Association des Amis de la Nature (ANA Rwanda) in partnership with Zam Zam Water.

The school, which has already commenced operations, has so far admitted 101 pupils. The classes are divided into three grades of nursery one, two and three.

Delphine Mukashyaka, whose child is in nursery two, expressed her optimism about the new classrooms.

“The relief was needed because our kids were walking long distances to the nearest school, and some would fail to attend. Also, parents did not wish to send their children to the remote places fearing violations kids might face on their way. Since the new classrooms were constructed, every morning we bring the kids to school before we go to work and come back to take them at 11:00am,” she said.

Another parent, Jeannette Ingabire said, “Not having a nursery school in our village was a problem. Even though some parents tried to send their kids to different schools in the sector, they would go to school for one day and fail to attend again because of tiredness.”

Alfred Ngirinshuti, the community and economic development officer of Murama cell in Nyamata sector, said the facility will increase the attendance rate of the kids who join pre-primary education.

He added that the new classrooms will contribute to the security of children as well as improving their academic performance because they will no longer waste time on the long trips to school.

According to Donat Kwitonda, the coordinator of Association des Amis de la Nature, improving the lives of the people is their goal because they are the primary agents to protect the environment, which is the organisation’s core role.

“We have learnt that some children in this village were missing the opportunity to join kindergarten and we decided to play a role in ending this challenge by partnering with Zam Zam Water. We also constructed a water tank which will help parents to water the school gardens and grow different legumes and fruits to fight malnutrition,” Kwitonda said.