Talent grooming: 11-year-old artist explains his love for art


Shema Kelly Kayumba does what he loves most - drawing. (Joan Mbabazi)

As early as P.3, Shema Kelly Kayumba started drawing because he wished to be a great artist. He says he took the initial lessons on how to draw from YouTube, and since, his drawing skills have improved tremendously.

The P.6 pupil of Kigali Parents School is now an expert in drawing, he draws whatever his eyes land on but he is most passionate about animation or cartoons.

With only a piece of paper, a pencil, and colours, Kayumba can do wonders.

“Art is life, it relaxes my mind, gives me strength, makes me happy, and keeps me occupied when am bored, everything around and about us is art, we can’t live without it because we are art ourselves,” he says.

In his free time, Kayumba teaches his friends to draw because he believes they can also learn, so he is glad that he has been able to teach a colleague who now draws like him.

Kayumba further notes that drawing needs patience for one to attain perfection.

To stay motivated, he draws on a daily basis.

However, he hasn’t revealed his talent to his parents yet.

“I hope to be a veterinary doctor in future,” he says.

The young artist plans to take his talent to another level in future to earn from his talent.

Kayumba’s advice to his fellow pupils is to keep learning something new because if he hadn’t learnt art, he wouldn’t be good at it.

“Though you are talented at something, you still need to practice because a talent can’t grow if it isn’t nurtured,” he says.

Kayumba also advises children to teach others what they are good at.

Though he loves art, he doesn’t draw when it’s time for classes as he wants to pay attention to what is taught. His free time is the best for him to draw.