Why I love being a leader at school


School leadership helps one to gain skills, knowledge and valuable life experiences while still at school. (Dennis Agaba)

Many children look at being a school prefect as a difficult task. However, personally I look at it as an opportunity to grow and gain several skills while still at school, and yes, it’s simple and fun doing.

Growing up I have always loved being a leader so that I share my skills and talents. I learnt that being a leader not only makes one a better student, but also helps them become a source of inspiration to fellow pupils.

Our teachers always talk about how being a leader makes one exemplary to other students, and from my experience it’s true that one of the benefits of being a prefect is becoming a role model. Additionally, prefects are the face of the school, and have a range of responsibilities around the school which eventually makes them hardworking and passionate.

When one is a prefect they get a chance to meet the headmaster and teachers all the time to talk about academics, extra-curricular activities and how pupils’ life at school can be improved.

Some of the best responsibilities of prefects that always inspired me to enjoy school leadership include organising school events such as sports activities, parent visitations, pupils outing and learning workshops.

Besides, as a prefect is the link between students, teachers and school administrators. A prefect also monitors pupils’ discipline, performance in activities and their safety while at school.

My class teacher once said that being a leader right from primary school gives one the skills and experience for future leadership roles. It is with this inspiration that I encourage my fellow learners to embrace leadership roles at school, be passionate and over-come shyness.

We are the leaders of tomorrow.

The write is a 12-year-old  primary school Cambridge student