A tribute to Mowzey Radio


Mowzey Radio performs before Rwandans during celebrations to mark 21 years of Liberation in 2015 (File)


RE: “Rwandan celebrities mourn Mowzey Radio” (The New Times, February 2).

Mowzey Radio, what a heartbreak you have left with me. I never thought I’d be this emotional over someone’s death especially one who is not a close friend or family.

On Tuesday evening I worked until late and like always, it’s your music that I was playing because it kept me going all the time and indeed I finished every assignments before heading home..

I did play more of your music on Wednesday and actually shared your song Take my heart with a few friends.  Little did I know in the next 24 hours you will be no more!

Fast forward, the following day, I woke up to Whatsapp messages claiming that you had passed on. I prayed to God for all of them to be hoaxes but very soon, my timeline showed a tweet by The New Times confirming what I didn’t want to believe.

I immediately told my husband about the news and he was also in shock. We’ve been ardent fans of your music for almost a decade.

I first met you and Weasel at a night club in Kampala back in 2008 in the days of Nakudata. A year later you guys came to the National University of Rwanda and you really gave us a show of that we shall always remember. I didn’t miss any of your concerts after this.

I writing this as I am listening to your music and I hope expressing how much your music meant to me will help heal the shock your death has brought me.

I hope you know your music and voice charmed many of your fans. It spoke to us, pushed us to greater heights and actually made us feel like we know you on a personal level but I guess that is the beauty of music- It brings strangers together and unites them.

Fare thee well, Radio; you’ve surely taken a part of me with you! Till, we meet again, in the meantime sing with the Angels.

Denyse Umulisa