Five things to do every day to keep the house clean

Want to feel like your home is clean and organised and like you’ve got ‘it’ together? First of all, it’s important to keep these things in mind:

Organisation takes time, it won’t happen overnight. Stop worrying about instant results, concentrate on progress.

Routines and consistency need to be in place.

Spoiler: Just when you feel like everything’s done, something will upset it. All the toys are cleaned up? Someone will dump out that huge lego bin with a zillion pieces. That’s just real life and its okay. Roll with it and enjoy the stage that you’re in.

The good news? You can set your home up with systems to streamline your life. If you are trying to get into a cleaning routine and are just struggling with the daily stuff, clutter, and mess, stop the cleaning routine and work on these things this week and start over with the cleaning routine next week.

Make your bed

And teach your kids to make their beds too. Keep the bedding simple and as soon as you get, make your bed. It will instantly make your bedrooms look put together and in reality it takes under a minute to complete.

Take it out, put it away

Start working on this TODAY and enforce it with yourself and your family members. It’s such a simple principle but it’s hard to be consistent. It will take you less time to put that one thing away than it will to put all the things away at the end of the day.

Everyday a little something

Don’t try to get it ‘all’ done in a day or every day. Just do something each and every day and you’ll get over the feeling of ‘I want my house to be clean all at once’.

Clear and wipe your counters daily

It sounds so simple doesn’t it? But in reality it takes some effort. Start with the kitchen counters and wipe them off after meals and at the least dinner. Then once you feel like you’ve got a handle on that task, add checking the bathroom counters to your routine. Put that toothpaste tube away and put the toiletries back where they belong. Give the counters and sink a quick wipe if necessary.

Wash the dishes and clean your sink

At the end of the day, the last thing you want to do is dishes. The silly thing is that this dreaded task only takes a couple minutes. Why do we always put it off? Get in the habit of washing dishes after dinner, wiping down the kitchen table, clearing and wiping the counters, and give that sink a little scrub. When you get up the next morning you will be so glad you did!