How to make math fun for kids


A pupil doing maths homework. (Joan Mbabazi)

Usually, when you ask children their favourite subject, they will most likely mention all the others but mathematics. This is because of the common belief that math is hard. Did you know you can make math an interesting subject? Here is how;

l A child’s first teacher is the parent. They should teach children math concepts like how to count from the time they are little. For example, teach your child to count everything they come across like money, plates, cups, balls, pencils, spoons and many more; they will eventually develop love for math.

l As a math teacher, try to befriend children before you introduce them to math as a subject; when they like you as a person, they will love what you teach. Take one concept at a time to allow children a chance to grasp what you teach.

l Teachers should give chance to children to ask questions wherever they haven’t understood. And, however one has to repeat the same topic, they should do so to ensure no one feels left behind.

l Make math lessons amusing by creating breaks in between lessons where children are allowed to stretch a little bit and sing some songs, then resume learning. This will keep them interested and not want to miss a math lesson.

l Let children see math as a hobby; they should view it as their favourite game they play every day. Give them a task to solve and reward the one who gets it right. This will keep them interested.

l Teachers should allow children set goals of what they want to achieve in math as this will push them concentrate high.

l Allow children make many mistakes and correct them; this will lead to perfection.

l Both teachers and parents should encourage children to do math by assuring them that it is simple if given time (through revising with them). This will help children drop the mentality that math is hard.

l Don’t go a day without solving a mathematical problem.