Models in Rwanda don’t get value for money – Mugisha


LEFT: Gigi is also a budding actor. RIGHT: Patrick Mugisha aka Gigi says models are not appreciated enough in Rwanda. / Courtesy

Gigi, real name, Patrick Mugisha, is a fashion and Commercial Model, since 2012 and is still blossoming. He has featured in some music videos like ‘Give me love’, ‘Ni Uwanjye’, ‘Si-we’. Sunday Magazine’s Sharon Kantengwa, had a chat with the 25-year-old model, about breaking into the modelling industry.

How did your modeling career begin and how were you discovered?

Growing up, I was the kind of person who really liked and followed everything about fashion.

A friend who works for Premier Modeling Agency saw potential in me and asked me to join the agency and that became the beginning of my modelling career. I also had a habit of imitating people so well.

My family encouraged me to begin acting and that is how I started featuring in music videos.

How would you describe your style?

My style is casual but also classic at the same time. Not only is it comfortable but it suits me better. My style is inspired by different actors and singers like Idris Elba, Chris Brown among many.

What are some of some your ambitions as a model that extend beyond being photographed?

I know that I am a talented actor. Acting is part of my life but also I want to inspire. I work hard every day because I want to inspire anyone out there who might look up to me.

What is the best part of your job?

The most important is the connections that come with big international commercials. It also stays interesting because you are working with different crews all of the time, and you get to work with really great people.

And the worst?

Sometimes I don’t like how we don’t get the value we deserve. We need people to understand that modelling and acting are jobs like all the others and are done professionally, with contracts involved. It’s not just a hobby that we do for fun.

There is a lot of judgement and people tend to think that you are given free money and a waste of time.

Also, there is a lot of waiting. You have to wait around and then rush to do something when you are told. But also as models, we need to respect ourselves so that people can respect what we do. It’s about the sacrifices you make every day to succeed and the dreams that we chase.

As one of the contestants vying for the Godfather East Africa house. How do you intend to represent Rwanda?

As an African, I have always wanted to express myself and my culture, so being given the chance of being in the Godfather EA House would be an outstanding opportunity to fulfill my dream.

From our history, I think the world has a wrong image of our country so I would love to clarify that our country is a land of opportunity, peace and growth.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I like to think of myself as a future icon and inspirational role model to others in the field of fashion and acting.