So happy for George Weah!

Earlier this week, I was one of the millions of people cheesing as George Weah was sworn in and I can honestly say that I’m genuinely happy for Liberia’s new president.

It’s one of those times when even though you don’t really know someone or have never met them in person, you still wish them nothing but the best and will them to succeed in whatever they choose to do.

That’s how I feel about George Weah who for some reason reminds me of a long-lost Uncle of mine. I’ve heard him speak and he strikes me as a really decent human and his past actions attest to that. I know it’s too early to judge whether he’ll be a good president or if Politics won’t change him. I’m willing to give him the benefit of doubt.

I remember reading various accounts detailing his generosity long before he joined politics. It’s always nice when celebrities and generally anyone who can afford to, gives back, especially when they don’t stand to gain from their acts of kindness.

Knowing Liberia’s dark history, George Weah could have chosen to live anywhere in Europe or the US for the rest of his life and he did for a while but eventually, he did return home and has done his part in the rebuilding process. Guess it’s true. East or West, home really is best.

A lot more needs to be done but you have to start somewhere. His endless efforts to support the National Football Team and most recently, his involvement in the fight against the Ebola Epidemic which ravaged his country back in 2014 are all indications of someone with a good heart.

I know I’m going out on a limb here but I think Liberia is in good hands for the next couple of years. If we’re to learn anything from his victory, it’s to never give up on our dreams.

I believe he ran three times before finally getting elected and to be honest, I doubted he’d win the runoff this time round but he did and must have let out a deep sigh of relief as did his supporters!

The other lesson is that it’s always good to give back. Like I mentioned earlier, if you’re blessed, bless someone else through acts of selflessness and kindness. When you’re good to people in their time of need, they will likely return the favour and the euphoria in Liberia and indeed around Africa and other parts of the world following Weah’s victory proves that.

Oh by the way, I still don’t know the proper way to pronounce his Surname name which I presume is Weah. I say “Wear” but I’ve heard many people say “We’re”. I should probably re-watch the inauguration video for clarity!

Once again, congratulations George Weah. You have no idea how many people thousands of miles from Liberia wanted you to win!