Africa my home

Where the sun’s never brighter

Warming up the backs

Of our soldiers our fighters

We the descendants

Of such an inheritance

Gifted with beauty

Power and intelligence

Threw it away

Those are the sad facts

This is our day

When we all need to come back

Renew what was taken

The past we’ve forsaken

Start looking ahead

Got a new way of thinkin’


Africa my palace

Such wondrous treasures

Blue and white diamonds

So many gems you can’t measure

Apart from what’s under our feet

Everything tastes sweet

Passion fruit in our trees

Lion fish in our seas

So if you love Africa

Lemme hear you holla

The rich continent

Where we live under a dollar

But my dollar’s blingin’

Forex it for shillings

Dine like I’m royalty

And I still got change jinglin’


Africa my own

Land of my father’s toil

This is my motherland

Love the colour of your rich soil

I see it on my own hands

Dark like my ancestors

Quit blaming all our pain

On the way that they left us

Not saying we forget

I just want a reaction

I’m tired of complaining

Time to put into action

What Mandela, Kagame

Have put into our hands

Each corner of the continent

Make me proud to be an African