When Belgian cuisine came to Kigali


A variety of salad and dessert options were served. / All photos by Moses Opobo

For two nights, the Kigali Marriott Hotel’s Soko Restaurant was wrapped in Belgian culinary flavors, as the hotel treated patrons to the best in Belgian food.

Dubbed, “Belgian Cuisine Journeys”, the food festival over the weekend, featured an extensive traditional Belgian buffet by chef Dennis Cornelis, a chef and culinary teacher for CVO Provincie Antwerpen in Belgium.

A variety of salad and dessert options were served.
Some of the dessert options on display at Kigali Marriot Hotel. 

For Rwf25, 000, guests were taken on a culinary journey that kicked off with an extensive starter menu that included roasted ham, salmon (cooked and smoked options), chicory salad, green beans, and potato salad in mayonnaise, among others.

The evenings started from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm. It was an evening where many patrons turned out with family, friends, and business associates.

Chef Dennis Cornelis from Belgium prepared the food.

Most of the guests sat in the main dining hall, where the buffet was staged, while a few others opted for the more cozy outdoor seating facing the swimming pool.

The Belgian national colours of black, yellow and red hung from a banner above the chef’s corner.

For the main course, guests could choose from the bird’s nest (minced meatball with an egg rolled in, sealed with mashed potato), grilled chicken in apple sauce, mashed potatoes, Belgian beef stew, Belgian fries and red cabbage, among other options.

Some of the dessert options on display at Kigali Marriot Hotel.

After the main course, there were five different Belgian dessert options, including chocolate cake, rice pudding, and ice cream in chicken sauce.

Guests washed down the food with a selection of premium Belgian wines and beers.

The “Belgian Cuisine Journeys” was the first such event exclusively showcasing Belgian food in Kigali. It follows in the heels of the Turkish Food festival hosted at the Kigali Marriott Hotel in October, this year.