Green Hills students tipped on leadership

Student leaders of Green Hills Academy were last week equipped with leadership skills and the principles they need to be flag-bearers in transforming society.

Addressing a group of students, Frank Rubaduka, the development director and motivational speaker at Members of Youth Impact Mission (YIM), told the student leaders to be proactive. He backed up his presentation with examples of a book authored by Stephen R.Covey known as “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

Rubaduka urged the students to ‘move from a state of dependence to being independent’.

“Do not rely on your parents’ riches but work hard so that you own your businesses after school and start employing other Rwandans. Get out of your comfort zones and aspire to do something new every morning,” he said.

The other motivational speakers advised students to make communication key, by allowing listening more than they speak since it will enable them know what other people value.

“Focus more on teamwork, open-mindedness, and the adventure of finding new solutions to old problems. This is a process that takes time, but with team work, good results and better insights can be achieved,” said Rubaduka.

Students welcome tips

The students welcomed the training and pledged to adopt some of the lessons in their daily activities.

Joanna Oladapo, the head girl of the secondary wing, said her fear to try out new things was broken after the training.

She encouraged everyone to be a leader in their capacities as long as they have a passion.

“I now know why I exist, my mission and vision in life. I hope to achieve my dreams by waking up early,” said Shema Yahya, a Grade 12 student.

For Sheena Rurinda, another student, such trainings should be done more often because they inspire students to change their mindsets positively.

Israel Olwuwaseyi, the dean of students, said such trainings equip students with knowledge, motivate and help in character development.

He called upon students to value them when they get a chance to have them.