Thankful for my friends

I happen to have some very good friends and today, I would like them to know that I’m so grateful to have them in my life. I have known some longer than others but that’s just how life goes.

My friends and I been through some good and bad times at different periods in our lives and it’s these highs and lows that have strengthened our bond and made us even better friends over the years.

You really can’t get through life alone and need good friends to find your way and figure things out. It’s amazing the kinds of people we meet and connect with. One of the qualities I value in many of my friends is their maturity, especially the ladies.

There’s not a single drama queen in my close circle of friends and that’s refreshing. The talking behind each other’s backs, name-calling, bitterness and such aren’t issues we deal with.

We respect and value each other’s opinion. It is often said that you can’t really “know” a person but I think I know most of my friends well enough to know that their smiles are genuine and that when they call to check on me, they’re not just doing so for the sake of it but really what to know how I’m doing.

I don’t worry about any of them then running off and gloating in the event that I share some challenges I may be having. I especially appreciate four very close friends who could be my sisters.

I can’t remember a time they weren’t there for me or I for them. We’re comfortable around each other and when any of them tells me I need to fix my hair, I know they’re looking out for me and not trying to hurt my feelings.

But they’re not even the kind of people to pick anyone apart or put you down. We support each other and none of us gloats or regards the others as needy. I think we all know someone who may choose to help but won’t let you forget.

I also like that we trust each other. Sometimes you have people come to your house and as much as you don’t want to, you can’t help but feel a certain way about leaving them on their own because you’re not sure what they might try to take. Not these four ladies.

They’re so generous it wouldn’t make sense for them to just grab something or take advantage of me in any way.

In fact I remember a couple of times I borrowed money for one emergency or another and they wouldn’t let me pay back.

Considering that several people don’t give as much of their time or resources anymore unless there’s something in it for them, I commend my friends’ kindness and I consider myself lucky to have them in my life.

Good friends are hard to find and if you have even one person who cares about you, let them know they’re appreciated.