Africa should continue to say 'no' to GMOs


Farmers inspect their maize plantation. / File


RE: “African experts push for crop improvement” (The New Times, September 20).

If all these big words are just so much euphemism for bringing GMOs into Africa then God help us!

Africa has what is required—including the largest share of the world’s remaining arable, non-poisoned agricultural land—to feed both itself and the world without putting our food future at risk by accepting to be at the mercy of the GMO industry.

As I have repeatedly warned, beware being seduced by what looks like silver bullets to ensuring ‘food security’ and Big Funding from GMO pushers as, once we have stepped on this bandwagon, our food future may be sealed, and not for the better.

An even better example of a food secure country that is also a major exporter of agricultural products, despite its very small size and limited arable land, is Israel. And, what is more, the country is anti-GMO, but a pioneer in non-GMO technology to constantly boost productivity-yields for the very limited arable land available for agriculture

Mwene Kalinda