50 picked for Kigali Fashion Week runway


Hundreds of girls and boys turned up on Sunday for the Kigali Fashion Week model search at One Love Mulindi Japan. (Donata Kiiza)

As the highly anticipated Kigali Fashion Week draws near, 50 potential models including males and females were selected to take part in the fashion show catwalk after a grueling search exercise on Sunday, May 14.

The search was highly attended as many youngsters from across the country turned up to try their luck as early as 9am.

During the event, which took place at One Love Mulindi Japan, participants were asked to show their skills in modeling before a panel of judges, who also asked a number of questions as part of the selection criteria.

John Bunyeshuri, CEO Kigali Fashion Week, addressing those who turned up for the search. 

Judges included designers from Canada, the UK and Rwanda. They had to choose only 50 models out of the estimated 300 hopefuls who had turned up.

According to the coordinator of Kigali Fashion Week and Managing Director of Show Time, Davis Genza, the turn up was impressive and the skills displayed were promising.

“Rwanda is blessed to have girls and boys who are perfect to be models. The only thing lacking is good trainers and the support so as to acquire more skilled models,” said Genza.

This year’s show will be held on May 27 at Kigali Serena Hotel, and is expected to attract several international and local designers who will showcase their creations.

Judges at Kigali Fashion Week model search.

International designers will come from countries including the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Japan, India, Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo and Switzerland.

Local designers will include Patrick Muhire (Ikanda), Moses Turahirwa (Moshions), Olivier Itangishaka (Tanga designs), Ramadhan Scorpio (Made in Kigali), Cedric Amizero (Amizero Designs), Cynthia Rupari (Rupari Designs) and Delphine Uwamahoro (Delphine fashion house).