City landfill should be far from human habitat


RE: "Kigali city seeks $14m to construct modern environmental friendly landfill" (The New Times, May 14).

I am not very sure if I clearly understood what Kigali is planning to build. Is it a landfill or recycling plant?

If it is the former, then I would say that there is no landfill anywhere in the world, including developed countries that are environmentally friendly. All landfills without exception contaminate the environment.

Whereas I would support the initiative by Kigali city to build a new landfill, I strongly oppose the idea of building it in or near Kigali or any other settlement. The city should find another isolated land far from population settlement.

Even a recycling plant should not be built in Kigali, given that it will be receiving all sorts of garbage.

My reasoning here is that since the city will continue to grow, soon or later, it will cost us fortune to relocate it further from what will now be a city centre.